The Hoselink
Retractable Hose Reel

Complete Watering Solution

With Hoselink say goodbye to tangles, kinks, & leaks.
Enjoy smarter, hassle-free watering!

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Orders typically dispatched
in 24 business hours

It’s just a hose, right? No, it’s more than that!
With Hoselink’s Auto Rewind Hose Reel all your old hose problems are gone, leaving you with the simple joy of watering your garden.

Say goodbye to...

  • Wasteful leaking hose connections
  • Endless struggles with tangling hoses
  • The hassle of winding up a hose

With Hoselink you'll enjoy...

  • A hose that is always ready to go
  • It's easy to pull out or retract
  • The hose is kept neat and tidy

5 Reasons Why Hoselink is the World’s Best Retractable Hose Reel

  • Hoselink offers the best water flow via the larger hose diameter so your watering gets done quicker.
  • Our patented design hose connectors are both leak-free and easy to connect with a simple point and twist motion.
  • The retraction mechanism is superior in both function and durability compared to any other model on the market.
  • Every aspect of the Hoselink reel has been functionally designed to make watering as easy as possible for you.
  • Hoselink’s attractive design and neutral colour scheme will complement the look of your home and garden.

Savvy gardeners and home owners know:
To get your jobs done quickly and easily
a) you need some motivation and b) you need the right equipment.

Most people hate dealing with kinks and winding up their hose. But if your garden is drying up or your wife wants the car washed, the job just has to be done.

So what do you do? Buy another cheap $5 hose that lasts for a month and gives you the same problems all over again?

Try Hoselink instead. Designed with complete ease of use in mind, a Hoselink hose reel is always ready to go and rewinds with a simple tug, it’s that easy!


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We've thought of everything so you can get on
with your watering

It's the design of a Hoselink Auto Rewind Hose Reel
that makes it so brilliant to use.

  • Feature
    Why It's Built In
  • Stop-anywhere locking mechanism
    Attempting to find the locking point on hose reel that uses a ratchet system can lead to unnecessary frustration. With our stop-anywhere system, locking off the hose at any length is quick and fuss-free.
  • Ergonomic Handles
    Sometimes you want to store your reel or move it to another bracket. With 2 strategically placed handles, the unit is easy to lift and carry around.
  • Purpose built all-seasons hose
    For the hose to function properly, a smooth exterior and consistent diameter are important. Usability in hot or cold climates is also essential
  • Spring Loaded Retraction
    The internal spring setting will withstand thousands of retractions, while being easy enough for almost anyone to extend the hose.
Crafted with quality. Packed with inclusions you'll love.

  • Pre-fitted with Hoselink Hose Fittings
  • Pre-loaded with 82ft of quality hose
  • 6.5ft Leader Hose
  • Metal 7-Function Spray Gun
  • Wall Bracket
  • Stainless steel screw set
  • 2 year warranty
  • 30-Day 100% Money Back Guarantee


Hose Reel

By: on 21 February 2016
I gave a hoselink hose reel to my partner for christmas we love it so easy to retract and long enough so we can do both front and back gardens without moving the reel itself. On hot days my aussie bulldog loves it as well not only does he get cooled down but a back massage as well. Excellent product.

Hi-Flow 25m Retractable Hose Reel

By: on 21 February 2016
I am very happy with this hose, it keeps nicely detangled in it's container and is easy to pull out and retractable when finished hosing. It also has a nozzle with different types of sprays and has a good water flow.

No more stress

By: on 21 February 2016
I bought this for my husband for Christmas. He has a vegetable garden and waters it regularly by hose and previously was always battling hoses that tangled and kinked. He absolutely loves this product. It's easy to use, the hose doesn't kink and always retracts back neatly into the reel. It works really well and the hose is stored away neat and tidy. It has certainly made watering the vegetable patch a stress free and enjoyable experience.

The best

By: on 21 February 2016
We just love our new Hoselink hose and reel. It's the best we've ever had, and the last one we'll ever need. Works like a charm. Pure perfection. We're so glad the days of buying yet another hose and reel that does not live up to expectations are well and truly over. Hoselink is the best.

5 stars

By: on 20 February 2016
5 stars for product design, durability, ease of use and fast shipping, what more could you want. As tough as they say, has made gardening that much easier. Fantastic Aussie product!!

Imagine a truly enjoyable and relaxing watering experience with a hose reel that does the work for you! Use Hoselink’s Retractable Hose Reel and transform any watering task from a chore into a pleasure!

Experience hassle free watering at its best with no tangles and no unruly hose to wind up when you’ve finished. It’s an attractive hose storage solution that will keep your garden looking neat and tidy.

The Retractable Hose Reel is a wall-mounted unit featuring a high quality spring-loaded hose that automatically retracts on your command. Its specially designed ‘stop-anywhere’ locking mechanism secures the hose at any length, eliminating excess hose to prevent kinks and tangles. To lengthen, simply walk the hose out further and stop wherever you want.

When you’ve finished, lightly tug the hose to engage its automatic rewind system. The integrated self-layering mechanism takes over, neatly coiling the hose into the reel as you walk it back in. It’s that simple!

The Hoselink Retractable Hose Reel arrives at your door as a complete package with everything you need to get started. It comes fully equipped and pre-fitted with:

  • Hoselink easy to use connectors
  • Premium 7-Function Spray Gun
  • 82ft of high quality hose
  • 6.5ft leader hose
  • Durable Bracket + Installation Hardware

Installing your Hose Reel is a quick and easy process. Simply mount the bracket to a wall or post, place the Hose Reel on the bracket, and attach the hose to the tap. Turn on the water, pull out the hose, and you’ll be happily watering in no time!

Hoselink’s Retractable Hose Reels are covered by a 2 year warranty and 30 day money back guarantee.

All Hoselink garden hoses are BPA and lead free.

If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact our friendly customer service team who are always happy to help.

Easy to use Reel

Easy to Use

Effortlessly keep your hose at any length with the specially designed ‘stop-anywhere’ locking mechanism. To put your hose away, simply give it a gentle tug and the automatic rewind feature and self-layering mechanism retracts your hose saving you time and energy.

Garden Hose Reel

Ready to Go

The Hose Reel comes fully equipped and pre-fitted with Hoselink hose fittings and Metal 7 Function Spray Gun. Simply mount the bracket to the wall using the supplied stainless steel screws and you’re ready to start enjoying hassle-free watering!

Portable Hose Reel

Comfortable to Carry

Integrated carry handles make it easy to lift the Hose Reel from its mounting bracket to transport it to the shed or garage for storage. If you need to thwart would-be thieves, you can add a padlock to the Hose Reel under the bracket.

Flexible Rewind Reel

Flexible Watering

Thanks to the cleverly designed mounting bracket, the hose reel pivots 180° and follows your direction around the garden as you water. When you’ve finished, the reel can be stored flat against the wall keeping your garden neat and tidy.

Built Tough

With UV stabilised casing, stainless-steel hardware, premium quality hose, and no-burst hose fittings, the 82ft Hose Reel is ready for any tough environmental conditions. The durable case protects the hose to remain flexible in the cooler months and safe from the heat of the harsh summer sun.

complete hose package

Complete Package

The Hose Reel arrives at your door with everything you need including a complete set of Hoselink hose fittings, Metal 7 Function Spray Gun, 82ft of quality hose, a 6ft leader hose and mounting bracket. Everything is set up and ready to go.

Hoselink Retractable Hose Reel
Model Number US3025
Material Reel/bracket (polypropylene), hose (PVC), screws/pins (stainless steel), plugs (plastic)
Colour Grey
Hose Reel Dimensions H19.3" x W10.6" x D24" (49cm x 27cm x 61cm)
Mounted Hose Reel Dimensions

28" (D71cm) when facing out
10.6" (D27cm) when pushed flat against wall

Universal Bracket Dimensions H7.87" x W4.13" x D6.3"(20cm x 10.5cm x 16cm)
Weight 30lbs (13.55kg)
Fitting Size 14mm fittings specifially designed for use with this hose reel only.
Maximum Pressure 150psi
Maximum Water Temperature 104°F (40°C)
UV Resistant Yes
Wall Mounted Yes
Leader Hose 6.5ft (2m)
Assembly Required Yes (you will need a drill)
Use with Water Tanks Yes
Q. Can I put my own hose in this hose reel?

A. No, the hose reel comes with a spring-loaded 82ft length of hose already.

Q. Does the hose in the reel kink?

A. This hose has been specifically designed for use in a retractable hose reel unit and must be soft and pliable so that it retracts easily. Although this hose is not designed for kink-resistance specifically, using a hose reel greatly reduces the likelihood of kinks. In addition, the retraction mechanism on the reel ensures that the hose is always reeled back in a straight line, so the hose does not twist and kink.

Q. Does the hose reel have to be mounted?

A. Yes, the hose reel design requires this hose reel to be secured in its bracket, which can be mounted to a wall or post.

Q. If I would like to put in a post for the mount, how deep should the post be into the ground?

A. The post depth required depends on a number of factors, including how hard packed the soil is and how much concrete is used. We suggest 1.6ft as a safe depth for the post before pouring the concrete. In addition, we would recommend that the hole be 1ft square to provide enough concrete to keep the hose reel firmly in place.

Q. Can I use the Retractable Hose Reels with hot water?

A. No, they are not recommended for use with hot water.

Q. How will my order be shipped?

A. All orders are shipped via UPS from our warehouse in GA.

Q. When will I receive my order?

A. Orders are typically dispatched from our warehouse in GA 1-2 working days from when they are placed. UPS guidelines for delivery times is 2-6 business days.
For example, for customers in Florida, we would expect 3-4 business days for delivery.

Q. What happens if I am not at home to receive the delivery?

A. If you are not home to receive your delivery, UPS will leave you a card (UPS InfoNotice) and you will have an opportunity for a re-delivery. In addition, depending on your location, you may also have the opportunity to pick up your parcel from a nearby UPS Parcel Center.
For more information, please slick here: Deliveries and UPS InfoNotices

Q. What should I do if I have a problem with my product?

A. Just send us an email at and our expert team will be in touch to solve the issue.
Alternatively, you may call 1-877-540-1207 (9am-5pm EST) and we will be happy to help.