About Us

The Kierath Family - Ben, Sally, Nicky, Tim and James

The Hoselink Story

Hoselink is Australia’s leading supplier of retractable hose reels and reliable leak-free, easy-to-use hose connectors. At least that’s where we’ve arrived after years of hard work!

We started back in 1998 by solving a common problem experienced in Australia – bursting hose connectors. Unlike the brass threaded ends on US garden hoses, the only connectors found on Australian hoses were quick-connect fittings that held the hose via teeth and have never proved reliable under pressure.

Hoselink's founder, Tim Kierath, perfected the patented Hoselink connection, which has become the trusted name in hose connectors in Australia. This revolutionary bayonet connection quickly gained a reputation for its durability, ease of use and reliability – even under extreme water pressure.

A variation of the design has been developed for the American market and can be found on Amazon here. The US fittings make it easier than ever to connect or disconnect the hose, without a drop of water wasted!

In 2009, Hoselink tackled a bigger challenge - a better way to use, store and manage a hose with no kinks or tangles. The Hoselink Retractable Reel was introduced and became an instant hit when it was officially launched in 2010.  Since then, the Hoselink Retractable Reel has seen many design improvements and it now sets the standard for reliable, quality hoses within the Australian market.

While there are now many variations available, none compare to the quality of materials, build, attention to detail and, most importantly, customer service offered by Hoselink.

As the company continues to expand, we are now excited to offer a retractable reel specifically designed to make watering easier for homeowners and garden lovers in the USA.

Our goal is to create products that exceed the expectations of our customers and we hope your experience with Hoselink is a great one.


It's our customers that make Hoselink different

It became clear from the start that Hoselink's success would rely on building a strong relationship with our customers. With so many names in the watering and garden product arena, it was important for us to stand out.

Early on we decided to only sell direct to our customers.  As a result, we have a direct line of communication with the users of our products and we are the first to receive feedback - good or bad!

This puts us in a unique position to listen to the needs of our customers, identify areas of improvement, and to react quickly when an issue occurs. It is this hands-on, proactive approach to customer service which has won Hoselink its devoted fan base.

The result of this customer-centric approach is a range of products perfectly tailored to meet the needs of anyone who uses a hose. More importantly, we are now backed by the most incredible community who continue to support us and drive us forward.

Thank you for your interest in Hoselink. We sincerely hope you enjoy our products and welcome any feedback, questions or concerns you may have.