Quick-connect Accessory Add-on Pack

Use on your existing watering equipment for a quick connection every time

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New color option available soon!

Hoselink's unique Quick-connect Hose Fittings system is optional for use with our Retractable Garden Hose Reel. The fittings make it quick and easy to change watering accessories, for example from a spray nozzle to a sprinkler, without having to worry about screwing on or unscrewing different hose fittings, cross-threading or frozen joins.

This assortment of Hoselink Quick-connect Hose Fittings will allow you to convert to a variety of different watering accessories you may already own. The set includes:

  • 1 x (female) Universal Faucet Connector
  • 3 x (male) Accessory Connectors

Hoselink Quick-connect Hose Fittings join together via a simple point and twist motion, making them easy to connect even for those with arthritis, limited movement or poor hand strength. The patented connection system ensures a 100% watertight seal via the o-ring to o-ring seal found in between the connectors.

Simply screw one of these Hose Fittings into your existing sprayers, sprinklers or pressure washers and leave it connected for quick and easy use every time.  Next time you need to use that accessory you just point and twist to the hose end and you're ready to go. Easy!

Enjoy a 2-year warranty on all Hoselink Quick-connect Hose Fittings and our 30-Day Money-back Guarantee if you're not 100% satisfied.

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Customer Reviews

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Great Customer Service

Went above and beyond to resolve my issues . Great quality equipment - highly recommend


Their the best tightest fitting fast connector I've ever seen

Thanks for the review Joseph, glad you love them!

Excellent Customer Service

Leaking old connector, they replaced it for free and the s working perfectly, Love the hose.

Works very well

Mounting was relatively easy, and the hose retracts very well. The quick-connectors are better than any I had used before.

The best

Bought this for my hubby’s 80 bday. He still plants a huge vegetable garden. We attached under our deck on deck post closest to the garden . He absolutely loves it . Easy installation


Quick-Connect Accessory Add-on Pack

Best Hose System Ever

In 25+ years of being a homeowner with a large lawns and gardens to water, I have never ever found a better hose system than the ones I now have from Hoselink. I like them so much I ended up buying three, one for the front lawn, one for the side lawn, and one for the back garden. Let’s talk first about the reel: I’ve tried pretty much every kind of hose storage system over the years. I've gone totally basic with hand coiling hoses into hose pots — which takes forever and is dirty. I’ve used water powered rewinding reels (from Suncast) that often got jammed and always eventually broke, and I’ve used high end manual reels (from Eley) that require a ton of muscle to operate and never wind evenly. But now I have found heaven with the Hoselink reels. They are ridiculously easy to operate, giving you the perfect amount of hose you require for each use and then smartly, evenly, and effortlessly rewinding it when you are done. And then there is the hose itself. Here too I have tried dozens of brands of hoses over the years. They all either kink too easily or don’t flex easily enough. Most of them are absurdly heavy. Usually they have fittings that are hard to connect and all too often drip or leak. Plus most of them are hideous: whoever thought we wanted a neon green or yellow or striped hose laid out across our nice looking yards? The Hoselink hose is lightweight, super flexible, and yet very strong, It’s also handsome - just a nice neutral beige and white. And I can’t really describe the unique connector system they use, but it is pure genius. So easy to use and 100% leak/drip proof! The only thing I dislike about Hoselink is that they didn’t enter the US market sooner!! :)


easy set up. easy to use.very happy

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