Quick-connect Accessory Add-on Pack

Use on your existing watering equipment for a quick connection every time

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New color option available soon!

Hoselink's unique Quick-connect Hose Fittings system is optional for use with our Retractable Garden Hose Reel. The fittings make it quick and easy to change watering accessories, for example from a spray nozzle to a sprinkler, without having to worry about screwing on or unscrewing different hose fittings, cross-threading or frozen joins.

This assortment of Hoselink Quick-connect Hose Fittings will allow you to convert to a variety of different watering accessories you may already own. The set includes:

  • 1 x (female) Universal Faucet Connector
  • 3 x (male) Accessory Connectors

Hoselink Quick-connect Hose Fittings join together via a simple point and twist motion, making them easy to connect even for those with arthritis, limited movement or poor hand strength. The patented connection system ensures a 100% watertight seal via the o-ring to o-ring seal found in between the connectors.

Simply screw one of these Hose Fittings into your existing sprayers, sprinklers or pressure washers and leave it connected for quick and easy use every time.  Next time you need to use that accessory you just point and twist to the hose end and you're ready to go. Easy!

Enjoy a 2-year warranty on all Hoselink Quick-connect Hose Fittings and our 30-Day Money-back Guarantee if you're not 100% satisfied.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 22 reviews
Super useful

I have added the quick connects to everything including my muscle grow spray nozzle, sprinkler attachments, wands, and more. My garden has really benefited from these because I'm so much more efficient with my time even if I only have 30 minutes to do all the watering and fertilizing!

Kevin Milosky
Worth every penny!

I just purchased a quick connect Accessory Add-On Pack so i could hook up my hose to my pressure washer. What a way to save time and water! No more screwing my hose to the washer, the quick connect was simple and very fast, with no water leaking from the hose connection I even save money with no waste of water. Love the quick connects!!!

Can't complain when there are no leaks!

Debbi Leach
A Must Have

As I’ve aged it’s become difficult to attach hoses tight enough so they don’t leak. This solves that problem with ease; I want them on all of my watering devices!

Patricia Davila
Quick Connection

They have been a huge help in the yard and garden. Thanks to Laura with Garden Answer for demonstrating how easy they are to use.

Liz Webb
Love Quick-Connect!

Love these quick-connect pack. So sturdy and well made. I’ve saved a bundle connecting garden hoses instead of buying a longer hose. The simple twist to add hose accessories is very satisfying. I’m going to buy additional components. Highly recommend!

Easy to use

Easy to use on tools and connecting with the hose.

Trevor Ward
Great Customer Service

Went above and beyond to resolve my issues . Great quality equipment - highly recommend

Joseph Bohannon

Their the best tightest fitting fast connector I've ever seen

Thanks for the review Joseph, glad you love them!

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