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4.94/5 from 68 reviews

Heavy Duty Planter Bag - Medium (12 Gallon)

Heavy Duty Planter Bag - Medium (12 Gallon)

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Use Hoselink's Heavy Duty Planter Bag as a grow bag, plant pot alternative or handy carrier for garden waste.

Made from durable woven high-density polyethylene, these non-toxic bags include plenty of water drainage holes for when in use as a planter, encouraging a healthier root system to grow. Its heavy-duty handles allow for easy transportation around the garden, while its tough material will stand the test of time.

Suitable for seeding or planting, these bags are lightweight and easy to carry and can be folded away for storage with minimal space. The bags can be used indoors or outdoors.

Dacia from @mybackyardpatch says: 'These tough bags are super versatile and affordable. They work really well as planter bags and are also strong enough to clean up garden waste. You can roll the sides down to make it a shallow "pot" or leave them up for full capacity. The handles are extra strong and it's very easy to use. I have some lettuce growing happily in mine from seed and am very eager to harvest it when ready!'

Peter Vouthas from @insta.greener says: ‘I used these versatile Planter Bags with great success to grow beautiful tomatoes over summer. In the cooler months, I like to grow herbs in them and locate the bags near my back door for convenience while cooking. They have excellent drainage and good capacity for soil-promoting plants to thrive and encourage a healthy root system. They also have the benefit of being carried and moved around to suit the growing conditions of each plant. Because of their strength and long handles, I also use them to transport fresh compost to my veggie patch or carry garden waste.’

Sizes available:

  • 6 gallon / 25 liter - 34cm Diameter Base x 28cm High
  • 12 gallon / 45 liter - 38cm Diameter Base x 40cm High
  • 24 gallon / 100 liter - 51cm Diameter Base x 50cm High

Our planter bags are made from High Density Polyethylene and are BPA free.


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Customer Reviews

Based on 68 reviews
Mark Bailey
Easy to Use

Using the bag to pick up material as I clean up the flower beds. It is easy to carry around and empty. I just wish I could fold it easier, I.can't get it folded so it will lay fairly flat.

Brenda Jenkins

Finally got it installed by a contractor. I enjoy the convenience. The writing on the case is fading in the ink is smeared. I have ordered a cover because I don’t like that look. I do wish I would’ve ordered the charcoal instead of the lighter color because of the dirt.

Brian Bartlett
Great quality

Great bag, very durable. It’s the perfect size.

John Jones
Heavy duty planter bag

The planter bag really works great, and makes moving things a lot easier and less bulky.

Heavy duty indeed

The medium heavy duty planter bag came with the purchase of the hose link reel. We’re using it to place weeds from the garden. It came very handy and we’re planning to use it to house a small tree we’re planning to plant this spring. Thank you hoselink.

Great bag

Didn't know I needed another bag until I got this.

Donna Sotomayor
Good growing bag

Sturdy bag just the right size for one plant.


We absolutely love our hoselink, the cover and the grow bag! The hoselink has completely changed our watering the garden, SO MUCH EASIER and QUICKER!! I’m so glad we have it! Top quality! 🙌