Leader Hose Extension 16ft - Charcoal

Adds length between hose reel and faucet

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Product Info

Now you can extend the length of your Hoselink Retractable Hose Reel!

Hoselink Retractable Hose Reels come fitted with a 6.5ft leader hose. When you add the 16ft Leader Hose Extension it creates a 22.5ft long reach between the faucet and hose reel, allowing you more space between reel and faucet!

The Leader Hose Extension comes fitted with a female thread on one end and a male thread on the other to connect directly to your existing leader hose. Quick Connectors are not included.

This hose comes with a 2 year warranty

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Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
claudia fox

Great product! Game changer when watering garden.

Tracy Gollihugh

Very happy with my purchase.

Nathan Hernandez
Leader Hose Extension 16ft - Charcoal

I'd give it five stars but the model as shown on the website is the Australian model. Customer service was extremely helpful to send me the Hoselink adapters to make a water tight seal. Definitely a sleeker look than what you would by at any Big Box store

Thanks for your review. We are so glad we could help out with the extra quick-connects!

Annissa C.
Why did I wait so long.....

Why did I wait so long to purchase this hose!!! My biggest source of frustration and complaint was my old hose. I hated dragging the hose out, undoing all the kinks then rewinding the hose. Now, water is such a breeze, why on earthy did I wait so long to buy a HoseLink. One additional tip is to buy the watering wand...it is wonderful and worth every penny!!

Thanks for the review. We are glad you finally got your hands on a Hoselink! Happy watering :)

Love it!

I love my new Hoselink.

Patsy Smith
Love the 16’ Extension

It allows us to place the Hoselink at the most effective spot!

Wally Nazda
New backyard reel hose

We love the new hoselink unit it’s nice to be able to go all the way back in our lot to do watering and not have a tangled mess

Birdie Hamilton
Best hose reel ever!!

So easy to pull out and the return is fanominal. I love it!!

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