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Hoselink will connect with almost any water source large or small! We have a variety of no-burst, no-leak fittings which can be used on almost any hose bib making every outside water source more convenient.  

As long as your faucet has a screw thread, you can switch to Hoselink and get a watertight connection. If you have a non-Hoselink watering tool, check out our Quick-Connect Accessory Add-on Pack which has everything you need to transition to our one-twist system.  

Making the switch to Hoselink is easy! Read on for details about using the Hoselink system in new ways:  

Pressure Washers

Connecting your pressure washer to the Hoselink system just requires the correct fitting for a safe and secure connection between the hose and the machine. Our Hoselink Hose Fittings are compatible with Ryobi, DeWalt and other brands of pressure washers. 

Every pressure washer is different, so do some investigation to see what kind of fitting your pressure washer has.  

    1. Check to see whether your pressure washer has a male or a female connector end.  
    2. Choose the appropriate Hoselink quick-connector to create a reliable connection and a watertight fit. to your hose.
  • black-pressure-washer-with-Hoselink-connector-attached-to-it
  • black-pressure-washer-with-Hoselink-connector-attached-and-flow-control-connected-to-hose-end

Lawn Care Spray Bottles

When applying plant food, fertilizer, and other spray products, the Quick-Connect Accessory Add-on Pack allows you to connect the spray bottle directly to your Hoselink hose.

  • hoselink-fertilizer-spray-bottle-lying-on-its-side-on-grass
  • person-holding-a-Hoselink-Fertlizer-Spray-bottle-in-their-hand-with-water-spraying-out

Sprinklers, Nozzles, and Wands

If you have other watering accessories that you love like wands, nozzles, and sprinklers, we recommend replacing the fittings on your non-Hoselink products using a Hoselink Accessory Connector. This way you can connect almost any accessory to your Hoselink system.  

And it’s easy to do! 

  • How to Convert Your Accessory to our Quick-Connect System: 

    1. Remove the connector. 
    2. Is it a male thread (external) or a female thread (internal)?  
    3. If it is a male thread, you need the Male Connector.  
    4. If it is a female thread, replace it with a Hoselink Accessory Connector.  
  • oscillating-sprinkler-lying-flat-on-grass
  • woman-holding-a-long-reach-shower-wand-watering-a-hanging-basket-of-flowers

Spigots, Faucets, Taps, or Hose Bibs 

No matter what you call it in your part of the country, Hoselink will fit! In the US, almost all exterior faucets are a single size: garden hose thread or GHT. Hoselink connectors are designed to the US standard. If you have a non-standard connector (on a very old home or in a non-standard, commercial application), check out the Hoselink Universal Tap Connector which works in most circumstances using the included size reducer. 

  • tap-hose-connector-attached-to-tap
  • Most US garden hoses are 5/8-inch in diameter. However, occasionally you may find a garden hose that is ¾ in or ½ in. Hoselink’s Quick-Connect Garden Hose Fittings fit on most garden hoses depending on the type of hose you are using and the quality as well. 

  • four-light-gray-hose-connectors-sitting-on-a-wooden-bench
  • blue-garden-hose-coiled-on-grass-with-Hoselink-connectors-on-either-end-of-the-hose
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  • Water tanks, stock tanks and rain barrels usually have standard hose bib outlets which are perfect for Hoselink Hose Fittings. Our connectors are designed to handle high water pressure (550psi) without damage or bursting, so a tight connection is possible even with a sump pump.

  • Hoselink Fittings can be used with well water, too. If there is low water pressure, we have several sprinklers and other fittings which will work including our Low Pressure Wobble Sprinkler which is specifically-designed to perform under low water pressure.  

  • hoselink-tap-and-hose-connector-attached-to-a-well-water-faucet
  • charcoal-hoselink-retractable-hose-reel-attached-to-well-water-faucet
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RVs and Campers 

When you’re on the road, don’t forget your Hoselink Hose Reel and Quick-Connect Hose Fittings. Hoselink’s Hose Fittings make connecting and disconnecting at any RV park or campsite easy and simple. Nearly every RV sold in the US has a freshwater connection with a 3/4-inch GHT (Garden Hose Thread) female connector making your Hoselink an indispensable part of your RV or camper equipment, ensuring easy and convenient water access anywhere. 

  • pink-and-white-rv-parked-in-front-of-beach
  • panel-showing-rv-fresh-water-hose-connection

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