The Hoselink Story

Hoselink began in 1997 as a small, family business in Sydney, Australia. Our first product is still the core of our company: our award-winning hose connections that won’t leak or burst. From our humble beginnings, we are now a company on two continents with staff both in Sydney and in the USA. That may make scheduling Zoom meetings a challenge, but no matter what continent we are on, our company remains true to our roots. We are delighted to bring our passion for gardening products to the USA, and we hope you’ll love Hoselink as much as you love koalas, Vegemite, and Hugh Jackman!

Woman holding a full basket of freshly harvested vegetables in her hands
Granddad watering flowers in the garden with his grandson and grand daughter
a father watering the garden with his twin girls using Hoselink's Retractable Hose Reel

Cultivating Connections

We may be known for our Hose Connectors, but over the years we have watched those connectors connect people as well as hoses. Our products aren’t just for gardening – they are also transforming connections between people and their communities and the natural world. Afterall: you don’t have to leave your home to connect with nature – it’s right there! No matter where you garden – a few pots on an apartment balcony or a manicured suburban lawn, a community garden or a sprawling ranch – we hope your time spent in the dirt is also time connecting with family, friends, neighbors, and the natural world right outside your door. 

Young boy gifting his mum pink secateurs

Purpose & Mission

At Hoselink, our purpose is to connect people with the natural world and to each other through their outdoor spaces. We do this by innovating and creating sustainable, attractive gardening tools for every gardener. 

We care about....

  • Sustainability

    Every decision we make is driven by caring for the planet. 

  • Innovation

    Our creative solutions work to make your garden an act of revolutionary sustainability. 

  • Community

    We strive to help every gardener better connect with family, friends, and the natural world. 

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Solar globe lights hanging from a tree illuminating the area
Retractable Hose Reel with a cover

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