Setting Up Your Hoselink System 

Welcome to your new Hoselink system! Read on for helpful information on how to set up your Hoselink Retractable Hose Reel, explore the many uses for our connectors and watering accessories, and locate product manuals.

Hose Fittings Instructions 

A guide on how to use Hoselink’s patented Quick-Connect Fittings for easy, leak-free watering with any accessory.

Hose Reel Instructions

Your guide on how to best install and maintain our innovative watering system

Watering Accessory Instructions

Our versatile, easy-to-use and durable watering accessories will make you love watering again.

Product Manuals

Here you’ll find all our product manuals filled with information and expert tips for setting up and using your Hoselink products, as well as tips from our experts.

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