We are proud to encourage sustainable practices within our business to ensure Hoselink is part of cultivating a better world for all.

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With every product we manufacture and ship, sustainability is our top priority

Sustainability is an ongoing journey for our team. We’re always pushing to do better for the planet and reduce our environmental footprint. Over the years, we have made significant strides to improve our sustainability efforts, and constantly review the lifecycle of our products and packaging to see how we can continue to do better.

Our Progress

The very first Hoselink connectors were designed as a durable, lasting product to reduce water waste. More than two decades later, sustainability and environmental stewardship are still at the heart of our products -- and our business.  

In the past few years, we achieved some ambitious environmental goals for Hoselink.  

Since 2019, we have:  

  • Reduced our use of bubble wrap in product packaging by more than 1600 yards  

  • Reduced the size of our Hose Reel Boxes  

  • Re-evaluated our product packaging, eliminating more than 175,000 poly bags  

  • Introduced an eco-friendly Solar Light collection 

  • Replaced plastic mailers with biodegradable alternatives for shipping 

  • Formed a Sustainability Committee to continuously review our efforts and set new initiatives 

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Our Commitment to Improvement 

We know there is still work to do, and are determined to continuously improve in our role as environmental stewards. We have set the following ambitious goals to achieve by 2025: 

  • A 50% reduction in company waste sent to landfill  

  • A 75% reduction in office-based printing 

  • Further minimize packaging to reduce shipping resource consumption 

  • A 50% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions across all operations  

  • Replace all single-use plastic packaging with reusable or biodegradable alternatives  

  • Build partnerships to advance our conservation efforts in protecting native plants & wildlife 

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