Understanding Our System

We designed the Hoselink System with gardeners in mind. Our products work together in an interchangeable ecosystem to eliminate leaks, save time, and to help you customize the ultimate hose set up so you can enjoy your watering experience.

There are three elements in our system:

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    1. Fittings

    Start with our Quick-Connect Fittings

    Durable, reliable, and built to last with a simple twist-action connection!

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  • 2. Hose Reels

    A comprehensive watering solution

    Multiple colors and lengths available!
    Your premium watering experience

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  • 3. Watering Accessories

    The right tool for every use

    Versatile attachments for every inch of your yard!

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1. Quick-connect Garden Hose Fittings

What are the benefits?

  • Watertight o-ring to o-ring seal between fittings

  • Single-twist interface at every point

  • Identical face on every connector - easy to master

  • Change accessories in an instant

  • US Warm Gray Hose Connectors lined up on arm of bench in garden

    Made from durable nylon with UV protection

  • Water flow control at your fingertips

  • Swivel Accessory Connector prevents hose from kinking

  • Screw-on threaded connectors guaranteed not to leak

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Understanding our Hose Fittings

If you’re in need of a simple and watertight solution for your garden hoses, Hoselink Quick-connect Fittings are the key to reliable and leak-free watering. Add our patented fittings to your hose and enjoy a hassle-free and 100% watertight connection you can rely on. No more wasted water!

Our Quick-Connect Garden Hose Fitting Set includes 4 connectors: 

1x Universal Faucet Connector 

1x Accessory Connector 

1x Hose Connector w/ Flow Control 

1x Accessory Connector w/ Swivel 

For maximum efficiency in your watering experience, here’s how to use them:

  • At the Faucet

    Hoselink’s durable Universal Faucet Connector is specially designed to deliver a watertight seal.

    Thread size: ¾” NPT

    Fits: Both standard garden faucet sizes: ¾” and 1” NPT. Use the Faucet Connector with or without the supplied reducer to fit your garden spigot.  

    Colors: Warm Gray

    Connects to: Hoselink's Accessory Connector

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  • Hose Connectors

    Hoselink's Accessory Connector and Hose Connector with Flow Control create simple and watertight connection points. The Flow Control lever allows an instant water shut off without returning to the tap.

    Thread size: ¾” NPT 

    Fits: The standard threaded ends of any residential garden hose or accessory. 

    Colors: Warm Gray 

    Connects to: The Hoselink Faucet Connector and the Hoselink Accessory Connector w/ Swivel 

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  • Female hand holding Comfort 8-Pattern Spray Nozzle and using it to water garden

    Connect a Sprayer

    Hoselink’s Accessory Connector with Swivel provides a watertight seal for the watering accessory of your choice, while allowing the accessory to swivel without kinking your hose.

    Thread size: ¾” NPT  

    Fits: Watering accessories with ¾” NPT 

    Colors: Warm Gray 

    Connects to: The Hoselink Hose Connector w/ Flow Control 

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  • Customize your Watering

    Our Quick-connect Garden Hose fittings are compatible with any standard threaded watering accessory, allowing you to customize your watering set-up with Hoselink products and any other items you already own and love. 

    Add Hoselink’s Accessory Connectors to your watering accessories of choice to quickly swap between sprinklers, sprayers and more!  

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2. Hose Reels

Why choose a Hoselink Retractable Garden Hose Reel?

  • Built with durable materials for consistent use

  • All hoses are PFAS, BPA & lead free

  • Pre-fitted with Hoselink’s Quick-Connect fittings for easy set-up

  • Steady and reliable hose extension and retraction

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About our Retractable Hose Reels

Hoselink Retractable Garden Hose Reels are manufactured to our exacting standards and will last for years of consistent use. No more kinked hoses and no more messy coils, making it ideal for those wanting a tidy, convenient watering solution. All of our hoses come with Hoselink fittings pre-attached to be used seamlessly with our full range of accessories.   

What it does: A wall-mounted unit with a spring-loaded hose that can be pulled out and retracted with minimal effort.  

What it includes: All hose reels come complete with Hoselink’s Quick-connect Garden Hose Fitting Set, a wall bracket and hardware, and a quality multi-pattern spray nozzle. 

Options: Available in multiple hose lengths and colors.  

3. Watering Accessories

Benefits of our watering accessories

  • Green Oscillating Sprinkler watering lawn connected to hose using Hoselink quick connects

    Each accessory connects securely as part of the Hoselink System

  • Built with high-quality materials and engineered to last

  • Ergonomically designed with ease of use in mind

  • Wide range of accessories to suit every watering need

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About our Watering Accessories

Hoselink has a wide range of watering accessories that are fully interchangeable with the Hoselink System.

  • Sprayers & Wands

    No matter how you like to hand water, we have a sprayer right for the job without wasting a precious drop. 

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  • Sprinklers

    Our collection of sprinklers can be configured to meet any need – from a small bed to a large meadow planting. 

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  • Hoses

    Our soaker and sprinkler hoses are the perfect solution for watering long or large spaces without wasting water – sending it straight into the soil and preventing evaporation.

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Product Testing

We don’t just say our connections are high-quality; we conduct rigorous, independent testing to evaluate our Hoselink Quick-connect Fittings to ensure they offer superior performance.

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Testing Summary

The CSIRO testing results proved that Hoselink fittings could be subject to extremely high water pressure (over 200 PSI) and they would never burst off the tap or hose, bearing in mind the average Australian garden tap pressure is usually in the range of 30-100 PSI and the USA average is in the range of 35-80 PSI.

The USA testing proved that when Hoselink fittings were subjected to two months of continuous water flow, consisting of different temperatures and water pressures, it was far superior to the old, unreliable click-on style fitting. These fittings, on average, lasted approximately 2.5 hours, while the Hoselink fittings were still in perfect working condition after two months! 

CSIRO Testing

Hoselink commissioned the CSIRO (Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation) to carry out rigorous testing of the Hoselink Hose Fittings range. The following tests were conducted:

Hydrostatic pressure tests
Longitudinal load tests
Bending moment tests

The purpose of these tests was to determine:

- Maximum pressure the fittings would absorb (to destruction)
- Maximum pressure at which leakage occurred
- The performance of the Hose Retention System
- The ability of the product to absorb pressure applied at right angles (to a hose being pulled when fully extended)

In summary, the testing produced the following results:

The pressures absorbed by Hoselink, before destruction, far exceeded the pressures that any normal Australian taps would ever experience. More often than not, the hose would split open before our fittings broke.

USA Testing

The Product Testing Engineer at Dayco Inc. in USA, undertook the following testing with remarkable results:

Hoselink fittings were tested by connecting a hose to a tank that generated continuous cycles of water throughout the day, without interruption, for up to 480 cycles per day.

The tank runs cycles of both hot and cold water. Hot water ranged from 120 - 140 Degrees Fahrenheit, while cold water was generally anything less than 80 Degrees Fahrenheit.

One cycle of three minutes consists of the following flows of water:

30 seconds of flow through water at zero pressure (cold water)
1 minute at 100 PSI cold water
30 seconds of flow through water at zero pressure (hot water)
1 minute at 100 PSI hot water.

The three minute cycles continued without interruption for the full day equalling a total of 480 times per day.

To create a good comparison, the more conventional click-on style fittings were also subjected to the above testing.

Test Results

The testing period consisted of 30,000 cycles (approximately two months continuously).

The results reported that the conventional click-on style fittings survived less than 50 cycles.

Hoselink, on the other hand, was still working perfectly at the end of 30,000 cycles. During the testing period, approximately 60 hoses split, cracked or broke under the pressure, while Hoselink fittings never burst off the hose, nor did they break!

Awards & Reviews

  • NY Times |Wirecutter

    “The Hoselink Reel offers an easy way to manage a lot of hose.
    The hose pulled out easily in our tests, and when we were done,
    the wait was only five or 10 seconds before the whole thing was reeled back in.”

    The Best Garden Hose Reel (2022)  

  • House Beautiful | Live Better Awards 2022

    “Instead of sneaking behind your bushes to detangle your hose (while fighting off mosquitos), keep your coil neat and compact with this unassuming case.”

    Chosen in the 'Plant Better' category  

  • New York Magazine | The Strategist

    "Hoselink has a great reputation among gardeners for durability and precise design."

    Best Retractable Garden Hose Reel  

  • NBC News | Select

    Best "if you’re looking to save time and money with an all-in-one hose, nozzle and reel!"

    Best All-in-One Garden Hose  

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