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  • Spray Nozzle Connector Kit

    Spray Nozzle and Connector Kit

    Full set of connectors with spray nozzle to install on your hose

    Item: US2270-WG

    4.9/5 from 484 reviews

  • Quick connect Garden Hose Fittings Set

    Quick-connect Garden Hose Fittings Set

    Connectors for faucet and hose, add your own sprayer

    Item: US2260WG

    4.9/5 from 207 reviews

  • Easy Turn 2-Way Tap Adapter

    Easy Turn 2-Way Faucet Adapter

    Use your faucet with more than one hose!

    Item: US5743

    4.95/5 from 132 reviews

  • Residential
    Universal Faucet Connector

    Female Hose Connector

    Experience a watertight seal that won't burst off

    Item: US2732WG

    4.96/5 from 57 reviews