Hoselink Retractable Hose Reel

Stop struggling with leaking, tangled hoses! The Hoselink 82ft hose reel makes watering easy.

Hoselink makes watering easier for you because...

Easy to use

It's a breeze to wind up, every time.

The superior rewind mechanism in our reel does the hard work for you, no more struggling with an unruly hose.

Reliable and leak free

You’ll never get wet
when you water again!

Our patented hose connectors are both leak-free and easy to connect with a simple point and twist motion. No more cross-threading!

Faster, more efficient watering

You'll get your watering done faster.

Hoselink is the only retractable hose reel with a larger hose diameter, creating a better water flow so your watering gets done quicker.

Tidy Hose Storage

It's practical and an attractive storage solution.

Hoselink’s attractive design and neutral colour scheme will complement the look of your home and garden.

Crafted with quality.
Packed with everything you need.

Hoselink arrives as a complete package. Simply mount the wall bracket, attach to the faucet and you’re ready to start watering in no time!

  • Pre-fitted with Hoselink Connectors
  • Spring-loaded 82ft all-seasons hose
  • 6.5ft Leader Hose to faucet
  • Wall Bracket
  • Stainless Steel Screw Set
  • Metal 7-Function Spray Gun
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It’s just a hose right?
No, it’s more than that!

Watering with a regular hose can be a downright chore. A traditional hose is heavy, it tangles and kinks, and connecting via a faulty thread can leave you frustrated. Introducing the Hoselink Retractable Hose Reel, the all in one hose reel that gives you the freedom to enjoy watering your garden.

Say good-bye to...

  • Wasted water from dripping hose connectors
  • Tripping on messy coils of kinked garden hose
  • manually winding up a heavy, tangled hose

With Hoselink, you'll enjoy...

  • Leak-free, easy to use connectors
  • A hose that rewinds itself into a tidy coil
  • How easy it becomes to water your garden
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We’ve thought of everything so you can get on with your watering

It’s the revolutionary design of the Hoselink Retractable Reel that makes it so brilliant to use.

  • Stop-anywhere locking mechanism

    Attempting to find the locking point on reel that uses a ratchet system can lead to unnecessary frustration. With our stop-anywhere system, locking off the hose at any length is quick and fuss-free.

  • Spring loaded retraction

    The internal spring setting will withstand thousands of retractions, while being easy enough for almost anyone to extend the hose.

  • Self-layering system

    This feeds the hose from side to side ensuring a neat coil inside the reel, every time.

  • Purpose built all-seasons hose

    Designed with a smooth exterior and consistent diameter for correct function on rewind. It easily handles both hot and cold climates.

  • Integrated carry handles

    With 2 strategically placed handles, the unit is easy to lift and carry around, making storage a breeze.

  • 180⁰ pivot

    The cleverly designed mounting bracket allows the reel to pivot 180⁰ so the hose follows your direction as you water.

  • Built Tough

    The UV stabilised casing, stainless-steel hardware, superior brass hose thread and strong nylon connectors make for a high quality unit that is built to last.

  • Versatile Metal 9-Function Spray Nozzle

    With 9 different spray patterns and settings, this spray gun has the flexibility to tackle any watering task.

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“If you are sick of getting sprayed by dodgy hoses whenever you use them, do yourself a favour and get a Hoselink. It’s one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. You won’t be disappointed!”

T. Robertson
April 2016

“These connectors are the best. I’ve tried all sorts of quick connectors and they all leaked. They are super easy to use (and did I say finally no more leaks!)”

R. Stevens
October 2015

“Very happy with my purchase. Makes putting away the hose after each use SOOO easy I actually do it. No more hoses to trip over!!!”

J. Hughes
March 2016

“It has replaced 2 old leaking kinked hoses that made hosing a chore. My vegie garden and lawn doesn’t know what hit them, it is now a delight to water them.”

B. Fisher
October 2015

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Who we are

Hoselink is Australia’s leading supplier of Retractable Hose Reels and reliable leak-free Hose Connectors. We’re excited to bring Hoselink quality to our friends in the USA.

Being a family owned and run business, we provide exceptional customer service with a personal touch. Feel free to contact us anytime via our call centre, by email or on Facebook.