Collection: Hose Connectors

  • Spray Nozzle Connector Kit

    Spray Nozzle and Connector Kit

    Full set of connectors with spray nozzle to install on your hose

    Item: US2270-WG

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  • Quick connect Garden Hose Fittings Set

    Quick-connect Garden Hose Fittings Set

    Connectors for faucet and hose, add your own sprayer

    Item: US2260WG

    4.91/5 from 189 reviews

    Was $22.00
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  • Hose Connector with Flow Control

    Hose Connector with Flow Control

    Have full water control at your fingertips - no need to run to the faucet

    Item: US2423WG

    4.88/5 from 85 reviews

    Was $9.00
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