Hose Connector with Flow Control

Have full water control at your fingertips with easy-fit system

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New color option available!

Have full water control at your fingertips with Hoselink’s new design Hose Connector with Flow Control with easy-fit system and durable nylon construction.

You fit it to the end of your hose in place of our standard Hose Connector, effectively turning the end of the hose into a tap! Be sure to only use this connector at the end of the hose where water comes out.

Want to change from your spray gun to a Oscillating Sprinkler? Simple! Just push the lever to turn off the water and change your watering accessory, then turn the water back on. No getting wet or running back to the tap.

The Hose Connector with Flow Control can also be used to increase or decrease water pressure, without having to adjust your tap.

  • Change spray accessories with ease
  • Water flow adjustment at your fingertips
  • Same fitting technology as all Hoselink quick-connect fittings

Please take care not to drop the Hose Connector with Flow Control on hard surfaces, such as concrete, as it can be damaged with rough use or mishandling. This product carries a 2 year warranty.

The Hose Connector with Flow Control is only compatible with Hoselink Quick Connect Fittings.


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Product Specifications

Model Name
Hose Connector with Flow Controller
Model Number
Green and Warm Gray
Maximum Pressure
UV Resistant
Individual Item Yes
Warranty 2 years


Customer Reviews

Based on 13 reviews
Christian Mejia
Hose Connector with Flow Control

Very great quality,durable products I purchased the connector with flow control and swivel. And I’m very satisfied with what I got on the mail. No leaks as to other products out there on the market. This one gave me no problems

Leonard Gascon
Love my new Hoselink!!

Watering my lawn and garden is a pleasure now. No fighting with the hose. Putting the hose away was so easy.
Thank you for making this beautiful piece of lawn equipment.

Greg Wilson
Great product!! Much easier to use !!

My wife can use the new control lever so much easier!

Milan T
Super convenient connector

Having toggle control at the far end of the hose is really convening for sprinklers and drip hoses that otherwise wouldn't have control. I've added multiple of these to my attachments.

David Sparapani

Works well.


Wonderful service

Annette Askeland
Great product, great customer service!

I bought my Hoselink hose last year and then put it away in my house for the winter. When I got it back out this spring the connector with shut-off leaked. I could see where the problem was but there was no fix so I ordered a new connector with shut-off. Got it hooked up and same thing happened. I contacted Hoselink to see if there was any sort of fix. They said that my Hoselink hose was still under warranty so they refunded me for the replacement part plus sent me a new replacement part under the warranty! I was flabbergasted and definitely happy my Hoselink is completely leak-free now! Very nice product and support!

We are so sorry that the initial experience wasn't as expected but glad we could help and get back to being leak-free! Happy watering :)

Austin Lilling

I love hoselink service but the ability to link the hose to the water spout gun attachment can be done directly. Quick connect flow connector is less important to me than a clean connection.

Thanks for taking the time to review your Hoselink products. Everything can certainly be screwed directly together, we like having the Flow Control Connector to switch easily between accessories. That's the beauty of the system, either way works a charm. If you're happy, we're happy!

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