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Connects to most spray nozzles, sprinklers and accessories

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New color option available!

Hoselink’s Accessory Connector securely connects your hose to your watering accessory (for example spray nozzle, or sprinkler) in a water tight seal.

The Accessory Connector screws directly into the thread of your watering accessory to create a super tight connection that won’t leak or burst off under pressure.

As the Accessory Connector has a male thread, it can be used on many watering accessories (and some caravans) that have a female thread. Simply unscrew the click-on part of your current watering accessory and screw in our Accessory Connector.

If you have multiple accessories, we recommend you purchase additional Accessory Connectors so you can easily switch your hose between all of your watering accessories with a simple ‘point and twist’.

Please note: only buy the Accessory Connector individually if you are ordering or already use Hoselink Quick-Connectors.

Purchase Hoselink Quick Connect Fittings and join thousands of Americans enjoying a better watering experience. Our Quick-connect Hose Fittings are covered by a 2-year warranty and if you aren’t satisfied with your purchase within 30 days, we’ll happily give you your money back.


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Product Specifications

Model Name
Accessory Connector
Model Number
Green and Warm Gray
Thread Type Male
Thread Size 3/4" NPT
Maximum Pressure
UV Resistant
Individual Item Yes
Warranty 2 years

What's Included

  • Accessory Connector (x1)


Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Bonnie L
Best gift ever!

I love my new hoselink reel and all the accessories. I received the reel for Christmas. The products and customer support are unbeatable!

Julia Pearl
watering is so much easier!

I don't know why I waited this long to get a hoselink or any of it's attachments. I bought extra accessory connectors to connect my own watering tools and my other hoselink accessories...and omg everything is just so much easier with the quick connect system. I can easily switch between all 3 systems without having to go turn off the water.

Thanks for your review, and happy watering!

Megan Harden
Why did I wait so long to purchase!

The best hose reel I’ve ever owned.

That's what we like to hear :) Thanks for the review!

Mark Nickel
Excellent for my needs, with one exception

I really like these connectors and the way they work...easy peasy. I got my first set with my original Hoselink hose reel that I purchased a couple of years ago. It was my first introduction to the Hoselink products. I was so impressed that I purchased a second reel and an accessory pack in addition to the promo set that came with the reel. After I started installing the new stuff, I discovered that it was not interchangeable with the old stuff as the diameter of the connting tabs and "O" ring were smaller on the new. Not a deal breaker but slightly inconvenient as the connectors on my original set can't be used with the new set. I can live with the inconvenience but it would have been a plus had I known this before. Still a good product overall and their cutomer service is second to none.

Hi Mark,
Thanks for taking the time to post your review! Glad to hear you're enjoying your Hoselink products, and yes - we did upgrade our connectors to a new, smaller size. I can see that you have an older set, so no problem - we've arranged a replacement set for those original pieces! That way everything will be compatible across your watering system.

ken downhill

I’m using the connectors a lot and so far no problems. Going to order more.

Kerry Barnes
I am a big fan

I bought the hoselink retractable hose about four years ago and it came with their connectors. They are amazing. The item(s) I am reviewing are new connectors to add to new equipment and in one case a replacement (they are sturdy but don't drive over them). I have tried the cheap knockoffs people make, but trust me when I say they aren't worth it. HIGHLY recommend their products

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