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What Are The Best Garden Tools?

Patria Harris

Why is it important to cut back your garden? 

Cutting back your garden is an essential task as it helps to keep your plants healthy and thriving along with numerous other benefits. Firstly, cutting back plants encourages vigorous growth by removing dead or damaged foliage, which in turn promotes new growth. Additionally, it helps control the size and shape of your plants, preventing them from becoming overgrown and unruly, which will also improve the appearance of your yard. Who doesn’t love a neat and tidy garden?! Cutting back also gives you the opportunity to remove any infected or diseased growth to help prevent the spread of disease. This process will also increase air circulation, allowing your plants to breathe more easily and reduce the risk of mould and fungal growth in the first place. Understanding the right tools and techniques Regularly cutting back your garden with the right tools and techniques is an important practice that can lead to great results, so stay tuned as we show you how with some of our high-quality tools! 


Ratchet Pruners 

Ratchet Pruners are a reliable and easy-to-use tool that can help gardeners maintain their plants with ease and comfort. They are best used for trimming back smaller branches, thick stems, and bushes. Hoselink’s Ratchet pruners are a great option as they are made from high-quality materials, including a lightweight aluminium body, a stainless-steel blade, and a durable nylon handle. The ratchet mechanism provides extra leverage when cutting, allowing for a cleaner and more precise cut with less effort. During use, the ergonomic handle design not only assists but also minimizes the strain and tiredness felt by the hands and wrists, making it an excellent choice for gardeners with arthritis or other hand conditions.  



Stainless Steel Hori Hori Garden Knife 

Hoselink's Stainless Steel Hori Hori knife is a versatile tool that can be used for a variety of tasks in the garden. The knife is best used for digging, planting, weeding, and cutting through tough roots and soil. It is made from high-quality stainless steel, which makes it strong and durable, and its wooden handle provides a comfortable and secure grip. The blade is also marked with measurements, making it easy to plant bulbs and seeds at the right depth. For gardeners with arthritis, the knife is designed to help reduce strain and fatigue on the hands and wrists during use. The Hori Hori knife is a useful and reliable tool that can make gardening tasks easier and more efficient, especially for those who prefer a more traditional and multi-functional device. 



Secateurs are a specialized cutting tool designed for pruning smaller branches and stems in the garden. They are best used for precise cutting tasks, such as shaping bushes, cutting back thin branches or snipping stems. Hoselink's Secateurs are made from high-quality materials, including a stainless-steel blade and a lightweight aluminium body, making them strong and durable. Unlike Hoselink's Ratchet Pruners, the secateurs do not feature a ratchet mechanism, so they require more force to use. However, their compact size and precise cutting ability make them a great tool for gardeners who need to make careful cuts. The ergonomic design of the secateurs also makes them suitable for those with arthritis or other restrictive hand conditions, as they not only assist but also diminish the stress and weariness on the hands and wrists during use. Our Secateurs are a great option if you require a smaller and more precise tool than the Ratchet Pruners. 


Heavy Duty Planter Bag 

While Hoselink's Heavy Duty Planter Bags are primarily designed for growing plants, they can also be useful for cleaning up garden waste after cutting back your garden. To use them for this purpose, simply fill the bag with the garden waste, such as leaves, branches or weeds, and then transport the filled bag to your compost pile, green waste bin, or recycling center. The bags are designed to be lightweight and easy to move around, making them convenient for carrying garden waste over short distances. Moreover, the bags are durable and strong, so they can withstand the weight and volume of garden waste, reducing the likelihood of tears or leaks. By using Hoselink's Heavy Duty Planter Bags to clean up garden waste, gardeners can save time and energy, while also keeping their garden clean and tidy. 

Hoselink's Heavy Duty Planter Bags are also practical and efficient solution for growing plants in small spaces such as balconies, patios, or even indoors. These bags are made of woven polyethylene and have reinforced seams, making them sturdy enough to hold soil, plants, and water. Simply fill the bag with soil and plant your desired plants. The bags can be easily moved around to take advantage of different sunlight or weather conditions. They are best used for growing vegetables, particularly tomatoes or potatoes, herbs, and small shrubs, and are a great option for gardeners who have limited space or want to avoid the hassle and expense of traditional pots or raised beds. Additionally, for gardeners with arthritis or other hand conditions, the planter bags are a great option as they are lightweight and easy to move around thanks to the carry handles, reducing the strain and fatigue on the hands and wrists. Hoselink's Heavy Duty Planter Bags are a convenient and practical solution for small space gardening, and they make it easier for anyone to grow their own plants at home or clean up after cutting back. 



Maintaining a garden involves various tasks such as pruning, planting, shaping, and harvesting that require different types of cutting tools. Using the appropriate cutting tool for the task can make gardening more efficient and effective. Hoselink's Ratchet Pruners, Stainless Steel Hori Hori Garden Knife, Secateurs, and Heavy-Duty Planter Bags are some of the essential tools that every gardener must-have. These tools are designed with high-quality materials and ergonomic handles to reduce stress and fatigue on hands and wrists, making them perfect for gardeners with arthritis or other hand conditions. By using the right cutting tools and techniques, you can ensure a healthy, vibrant, and beautiful garden all year round! 

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