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Make Mom’s Day: Gardening Gifts Mom will Love

Ashley van Raad

Mother’s Day is coming up and you know what that means, it’s time to go on the gift hunt! If you’re stuck with what to buy Mom this Mother’s Day, this blog is for you. We’re here to help you find the perfect gift that Mom is guaranteed to love. From our famous Retractable Hose Reel to our Solar Light collection, there’s something for everyone. 

No matter your Mom's hobbies in the garden, as the weather begins to warm up, it's never a bad idea to inspire her to spend some time outdoors and do up the yard in style. 

Retractable Hose Reel

What’s not to love about Hoselink’s Retractable Hose Reel? It’s constructed with high-quality materials to ensure durability and a fool-proof retraction mechanism. If you know Mom is over having an unsightly, tangled and kinked hose lying around the yard; a Retractable Hose Reel is bound to make her day! Available in 50ft and 82ft, the reel comes with everything you’ll need for a leak-free, burst-proof watering experience. P.S. Keep reading for a special Mother’s Day offer at the end!

charcoal retractable hose reel amongst flowers


Every gardener must have some! Mom will love Hoselink’s Secateurs for their ease of use and ability to cut through stems, branches and other debris from your yard, or even prune roses. Constructed from Japanese steel, they are sharp and built to last. Available in pink and green colorways with a non-slip cushioned grip, you can’t go wrong with this gift!

secateurs with flowers on table

Planter Bags

Another multi-purpose must have! Hoselink’s Planter Bags are available in three different sizes and the possibilities are endless. Why Mom will love it; they can be used for everything from collecting mess around the garden, planting, growing and propagating. These planter bags are not only durable but are also fitted with handles for easy transportation around your outdoor area.

planter bags on steps 

Stand-Up Weed Puller

If Mom loves a bit of therapeutic gardening, the Stand-Up Weed Puller is the gift for her! You may have heard about how satisfying it is to pull weeds from the lawn, making an ordinarily boring job lots of fun! The Stand-Up Weed Puller has been ergonomically designed, meaning no excessive bending or lifting is required. Simply push the claw into the weed, use the foot pedal to lean and pull the weed from the ground. Once the weed has been pulled, use the handle to eject the weed from the claw and into your green waste or planter bag. Mom is sure to love this handy gardening tool this Mother’s Day.

stand up weed puller being used on lawn

Slate Plant Labels & Marker Pen

If your Mom loves to organize the homestead, she is sure to love some Slate Plant Labels this Mother’s Day. They are available in a bundle with a silver marker pen, or on their own in a five pack. Slate plant labels are great for labelling what you have planted and it’s variety. Or, reminders on how often to water. The marker pen is a great option as opposed to chalk, as it won’t run, come off or become streaky in rainy weather. If you do need to change what is written on the label or need a clean slate again, the marker can be simply removed using methylated spirits. Slate plant labels are also great for Mom teaching the kids about plant varieties and gardening. These are a gift sure to be loved by the whole family this Mothers Day.

slate labels and marker pen for Mothers day gift

Solar Lights

Give the gift of even more time outdoors with Hoselink’s Solar Light range! No matter the size of your outdoor area, or the style Mom likes best, there’s plenty to choose from. Let’s start with the decorative range. Many of the Hoselink Solar Lights are so versatile that they can be used and displayed in many ways. The Solar Crackle Jar for example, can be placed on a table, or in a picnic setting on a blanket, or even hung up for a pendant lighting effect. Another best-seller and crowd pleaser; the Warm White Solar Party Lights. These are a hit, and one Mom will love for so many reasons. They suit many different styles of outdoor areas and are perfect for entertaining. These lights can also be extended to reach larger areas using the 25-bulb extension set. To top it off, they are easy to install, will light up automatically at dusk and have three lighting modes!

If Mom is after more practical lighting or wants to show off some plants in the yard, look no further. The Solar Garden Spotlight is perfect for showing off a plant and creating some light and shadows for a real wow factor in your yard. These will also offer more visibility through the garden through a 5LED bulb and three different lighting modes.

solar crackle jar amongst presents for mothers day

Retractable Hose Reel Cover

As a special offer this Mother’s Day, Hoselink are offering a Retractable Hose Reel Cover in our Beige Fern design! These are available with every 82ft Retractable Hose Reel purchase. These covers have been designed to provide extra protection for your reel. This is especially important if the reel is positioned in full sun. Let Mom do-up the reel in style and keep her new gift in perfect condition, all while you’re earning some extra brownie points!

woman watering with retractable hose reel 

There you have it! Our Mother’s Day Gift Guide. We hope you’ve found something perfect for Mom. Don’t forget that if you’re really stuck and want to give Mom the freedom to choose her own gift, you can always opt for a Gift Card from Hoselink. Simply choose an amount starting from $25 all the way to $500. The gift card doesn’t need to be spent all in one go either, it can be used in as many partial payments as the receiver wishes.

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