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The ultimate weeder! Remove weeds without bending or kneeling

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Heavy Duty Planter Bag - 3 Sizes Available Heavy Duty Planter Bag - 3 Sizes Available

Heavy duty with strong handles. Select 25L, 45L or 100L size

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Slate Plant Labels & Marker Pen Bundle Slate Plant Labels & Marker Pen Bundle

Organise your garden bed

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High quality, heavy duty pruners

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High quality, heavy duty. And they're pink!

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Ratchet Pruners Ratchet Pruners

Makes pruning easier

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Frequently Asked Questions about Gardening

We have three sprinklers: 
- Oscillating Sprinkler: 50ft x 40ft 
- 9-pattern Sprinkler: 20ft diameter 
- Classic Sprinkler: 20ft diameter 

Oscillating Sprinkler - Use the water flow control dial to determine a suitable reach, and slide the tabs to adjust the oscillation range. 

9-pattern - Simply rotate the black ring that sits in the middle of the sprinkler until your desired spray pattern aligns with the hose attachment 

Please note that the Classic Round Sprinkler does not have interchangeable spray patterns 

If you have low water pressure, we recommend the 9-pattern and Classic Sprinklers. However, the Oscillating Sprinkler is not recommended for use with low water pressure.

Yes! This can be achieved by either attaching an additional accessory connector to the end of your hose or by removing the Hoselink connector and screwing your hose directly into the brass fitting on the sprinkler. 

The Soaker Hose creates a fine mist that’s released from small holes along its body, whereas the Weeper hose allows water to seep directly into soil as it drips, or weeps, directly out of its body and downwards towards the surface. The Soaker hose is best placed of top of a garden bed, the Weeper Hose can also be placed underneath a layer of mulch. 

The warranty period for our products is 2 years. However, this warranty does not cover product misuse, modifications to the product made after purchase, or acts of nature such as weather. If you believe that a Hoselink product has an unsatisfactory defect, please contact the Customer Care team for assistance via one of the methods below. Depending on your claim, we will require evidence of the defect via email or post.