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Waterproof Potting Mat

Waterproof Potting Mat

Make potting a breeze!

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Say goodbye to the messy chaos of potting or re-potting plants with Hoselink's new Waterproof Potting Mat. Designed for simplicity and ease of use, this mat transforms the daunting task into a breeze, especially in confined or indoor spaces.

Crafted from durable, waterproof tarpaulin, the Waterproof Potting Mat provides a clean and contained work area. The setup is a cinch – just press the corner clips into place to create the raised edge mat. This ingenious design ensures that all the potting mix and off cuts stay right where they belong.

Measuring a generous 3ft x 3ft, the mat offers ample space for all your potting needs. The raised edges effectively catch any loose soil or mess, saving you from the tedious cleanup process. What's even better is the hassle-free maintenance – any spilled potting mix can be easily hosed or wiped down.

When your gardening session is complete, the Waterproof Potting Mat can be effortlessly folded up for convenient storage. Embrace the simplicity of potting without the mess, and make your gardening experience a delight with Hoselink's Waterproof Potting Mat.



Product specifications

Model Name Waterproof Potting Mat
Model Number US6613
Material Tarpaulin 
Color Black
Size (area) 3ft x 3ft
Warranty 1 year


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