FAQs | Solar Lights Collections | How do I know which Hoselink Solar Light to choose?

Hoselink has a range of solar lights suitable for any situation. You’ll find lights that range from one to 80 LED bulbs for various levels of brightness; lights with motion sensors and settings that go from dim to bright when motion is detected; lights that focus a spotlight on a feature area in the garden; lights that can be attached to walls or fences, and lights that can be staked into the ground.

If you’re coming home at night and parking the car, you’ll want a nice bright light so you can see what you’re doing when entering or exiting your vehicle, or retrieving goods from the boot. We suggest one of our wall-mounted lights with 30 or more LED bulbs. If it’s a large area, you may want to install two. Try the Wide Angle Solar Floodlight with Sensor 80LED.

Sometimes you just need a little light to show the way in which case it is best to install multiple small lights. As lights with only 1-5 LED bulbs don’t require much energy, they are constantly on, bringing just enough light to ensure you don’t trip or fall. Try the Decorative Round Solar Wall Light 1LED.

If your pathway is along the side of the house and you only want dim light most of the time with brighter light when someone walks past, then a motion-detect sensor light is the best option. Try our Solar Garden Path Light with Motion Sensor or Wide Angle Solar Wall Light with Sensor 18LED if near the side of a house. If the side of the house is a place you access at night for garbage bins, compost, worm farms or anything else you need brightly lit, then we recommend selecting a motion-detected light with 30-70 or so LED bulbs for bright, functional lighting. 

Entertaining Areas
In entertaining areas, you want to have lights that can be switched on and left on, as opposed to lights that detect motion. You might not want to attract too many bugs either, so for zones near outdoor tables where you want to see what you’re eating but not be overrun by mosquitoes, a mid-level number of LED bulbs is the answer. Try the Decorative Round Solar Wall Light or our Solar Party String Lights to create a party vibe or chill-out space. 

Lighting in the garden is about creating focal points to highlight particularly interesting plants or garden beds. By lighting gardens at night, they often look vastly different to during the day, and where colorful flowers draw the eye under the sun, at night it’s all about drama and shape. Try a spotlight shining up under a tree or wrap a tree trunk in fairy lights for a fun approach. Try our Solar Garden Spot Light to highlight focal trees and plants. Have a lawn or yard you'd like to illuminate? Our Solar Garden Globes make a beautiful. feature