FAQs | Quick-Connect Collection | What are the different type of Quick-Connect fittings for?

Male Hose Connector - Hoselink’s Male Hose Connector securely connects your hose to your watering accessories with a watertight seal. The Male Hose Connector screws directly into the thread of your watering accessory, ensuring that it won’t leak or burst off under pressure. 

Male Hose Connector with Swivel - This fitting combines a Male Hose Connector with a swivel function, which can be attached to any type of handheld spray nozzle or watering accessory to prevent your hose from twisting as you water. The movable swivel head helps your hose to twist and turn in tandem with you as you maneuver around your garden. This is what prevents the kinks and tangles! 

Female Hose Connector - This fitting screws to any size US faucet and rest assured it won't leak or burst off under pressure. You can then Quick Connect any hose with a Quick Connect on the hose end.  As the Female Hose Connector has a female thread, it can be used to replace the connection on any other accessories that have a male thread, for example, brass hose ends. 

Hose Connector with Flow Control - You fit it to the end of your hose in place of the standard Hose Connector, which turns the end of the hose into a faucet. If you want to switch from your spray gun to another watering accessory, simply push the lever to turn off the water and change your watering accessory, then turn the water back on. 

Universal Faucet Connector – The link between your faucet and your Hoselink hose! Simply screw it on to any sized faucet for a leak-free, watertight connection. As the Universal Faucet Connector has a female thread, you can also use it replace the connection on any other accessories you have that use a male thread.