FAQs | Quick-Connect Collection | What makes Hoselink Quick-Connect Fittings so good?

We set out to design a system that would quickly and reliably connect your hose with the faucet and watering accessories, with no water wasted. The result is over 20 years of success of the patented Hoselink  Quick  Connection  system, now available in the USA.

Hoselink’s fittings feature a bayonet connection that joins with a simple point and twist action.  This means no more cross-threading of brass connections, or difficulty connecting a hose to a faucet or accessory. Our ergonomic design is easy for anyone to use, even those with joint pain.


With our Quick-Connect Hose Fittings Set, you have everything you need to set up your Hoselink system. Simply  attach the connectors to your faucet, both ends of the hose, into your sprayer and you are ready to go. 


The  Hose  End  Connector with  Flow  Control has an on/off lever which allows you to conveniently adjust  the water flow at the end of the hose.  This  bonus function makes it a breeze to change from one accessory to another without returning to the faucet to turn off the water.  Easy!


Hoselink Quick Connectors are made from durable nylon with UV protection to last many years. Our garden hose connectors have withstood the test of time in Australia’s harsh climate and are covered by a 2-year warranty.