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Item: US6581N

4.72/5 from 173 reviews

Stand-up Weed Puller

Stand-up Weed Puller

The ultimate weeder! Remove weeds without bending or kneeling

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  • Ergonomic design

    Eliminate the need to bend and kneel with Hoselink’s Stand-up Weed Puller designed with your back in mind. Our innovative Weed Puller is lightweight and durable, weighing just 2lb, and is easy to manoeuvre and carry around the garden as needed.

  • The most effective way to remove weeds

    Pulling weeds no longer needs to be back-breaking! This handy tool pulls weeds up straight from the ground – roots and all, helping to prevent regrowth.

  • Fast and efficient

    Designed with an easy-grip handle and built-in ejection system to make quick work of weeding, we guarantee you’ll be surprised just how fun this garden chore can become!

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Remove weeds without the need to bend using Hoselink's innovative Stand-up Weed Puller.

The easy-grip handle and simple yet ergonomic design eliminates the need for bending and kneeling, effortlessly pulling up the entire weed from the root, every time. Weighing only 2lb, you can easily transport the weeder around the garden as required.

The stainless steel claws reach deep into the soil and grab the root from all directions, removing it cleanly. Please note, if your soil is wet or the weed's roots are very deep, this may remove additional soil trapped around the roots, leaving a small pot hole behind.

The built-in ejection system helps release the weed after it has been removed from the soil, allowing you to work upright at all times.

Ensure you rinse or wipe the claws clean after use to prevent any dirt building up inside the mechanism.



Product specifications

Model Name Stand-up Weed Puller
Model Number US6581N
Material Aluminum Alloy, Stainless Steel, Plastic
Color Silver, Black and Green
Weight 2.2lb
Height/Length 3ft
UV Resistant Yes
Assembly Required Yes
Warranty 12 months

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Product reviews

Customer Reviews

Based on 173 reviews
Clifton Bean
Weed pillet

I really like this device. I have back and knee problems and this allows me to pull weeds without bending over. It goes deep to get all the roots

Phyllis Griswold

Does the job. Easy to use!


I l9ve it!

Lori Wales
Easy and no longer backbreaking weeding

I’m not sure why it took me so long to order, but so happy I did!

Eileen Moore
almost fun

I am almost 80 yrs. old so picking weeds while down on my knees is impossible.

Emile A. McMurray

AMAZING WEED PULLER!!! 22 year old college student, daughter, OBSESSED with it 😊😊😊 IMMEDIATELY went out to the lawn just to “test it out”, & proceeded to DEWEED entire front lawn 💖💖💖 Apparently it “works like a dream”! HIGH praise for a college student 👩‍🎓

Barbara Olson
Stand up weed puller

Works well and thankful I ordered it!

Charlotte Pilcic
Best weed puller

I have other weed pullers. This one from Hoselink is the best one I’ve ever used.