Tired of tangles? Over the mess? Make watering your yard easy with Hoselink's Retractable Garden Hose Reel - Australia's top-rated Hose Reel, now in the US!

5 Ways a Hoselink Reel Will Transform Your Watering

Josh Moses

As gardeners, we’re all striving towards the same goals of ensuring the health and beauty of our flora, and to create an outdoor space we can be proud of. Regardless of the size of your garden or what you’re growing, there’s one task we simply can’t avoid, and that’s watering.

We can all remember the days of the humble watering can. Going back and forth between the faucet and garden, most likely having a few spills along the way. Even traditional hoses pose their own frustrations and challenges, often becoming tangled and kinked as you drag them across the yard or attempt to store away neatly for the night.

With a large outdoor space and other more substantial gardening tasks to manage, you’re going to want a solution that’s easy and reliable to use, time-saving and, most importantly, can be stored away neatly without difficulty. Enter Hoselink’s Retractable Garden Hose Reel; your one-way ticket to smoother watering and simplified gardening!


Imagine having immediate access to your hose with one simple pull… gone are the days of bending down, carrying, unwinding, detangling and connecting! With a Hoselink Retractable Garden Hose Reel, you can pull out your hose from its shell and keep it secured at any length thanks to our specially-designed ‘stop-anywhere’ locking mechanism. What about when you’ve finished watering? It’s even less work! With one gentle tug the reel’s automatic rewind feature starts to retract and coil the hose back into the casing with no energy required from you.  


With a traditional garden hose, the only hope of shielding it is to hide it away in a shed after watering, which means it’s just another chore for you to get around to. With its sturdy casing and stainless-steel hardware, Hoselink’s Retractable Garden Hose Reel has been built and battle-tested in preparation for the tough environmental conditions Mother Nature can throw at it. The durable outer casing protects the hose inside and allows it to remain flexible throughout winter, whilst its UV-stabilized casing ensures that it can withstand the harsh summer sun without deteriorating.

hose reel in chicken coop 


The beauty of a retractable hose reel is that it cleans up after itself! Unlike a traditional hose or even a manual hose reel, retractable versions require no dragging along the ground or manual rewinding and coiling. One of the many frustrations the common gardener deals with is continually rummaging through the shed trying to remember where they last stored the hose (unless, of course, it's in a tangled heap somewhere else in the yard). When you know you need to find it, unravel it, and tidy it back up, that can often be enough to put the job off for another day. However, when your hose cleans up after itself and you know where to find it, you’ll find it much easier to get on with the rest of your gardening tasks.

beige hose reel on table


We’ve all been there…tripping over the twisted, tangled mess our garden hose leaves behind, but what we truly dread is the aftermath of falling and injuring ourselves. The convenience of having a neat and orderly storage solution for your hose allows you to brush those worries to one side! It’s highly recommended if pets and young children are roaming around your garden.


We know it’s simple to install, we know it’s durable, and we know it won’t let you down with leaks and kinking. But what about the design, the look, and the way it complements the layout of your home? While many wouldn’t normally consider a hose storage solution to be something decorative, the off-white color and smooth casing ensures that the reel will blend in with the neutral colors of your home. With aesthetics front of mind when we designed our reel, you’ll be seeing it as the perfect complement to an organized, vibrant outdoor space. In addition to the look, the Hose Reel also swivels on the bracket 180°, allowing it to be stored flush against the wall when not in use.



The backstory

20 years ago, Hoselink founder Tim Kierath was no different to you or I, a passionate gardener who wanted nothing the best for his home and outdoor space. Like many of us he’d been let down by cheap, inferior products. dealing with the all-too-common frustrations of tangled hoses and poorly-designed hose fittings that leaked, burst and often left him drenched in water. While it’s something we’ve all experienced when trying to use the average garden hose, Tim thought that enough was enough and so came his light bulb moment. He knew there had to be a more efficient way to water his yard, so he faced the problem front on and made a monumental decision, one that would change how Australian gardeners approached their watering routine.

Tim put plans in place to develop a quick-connect hose fitting solution, and through joining forces with an industrial engineer, patented a design that was guaranteed to never leak or burst off your hose. With resounding success, Tim couldn’t stop there. He set his sights on tackling the other issue that hindered his watering experience; Tangled, messy hoses. Hoselink’s revolutionary Retractable Garden Hose Reel was what truly revolutionized the watering habits of gardeners across Australia. Watering was no longer an annoying task and hoses we’re no longer an unsightly mess or an eyesore in your yard, all because the reel cleaned up after itself.

hose reel with cover 

The Gamechanger

  1. Fully equipped Hoselink’s Retractable Garden Hose Reel comes with the full kit. Pre-fitted with our Quick-connect Hose Fittings and a Premium 7-Function Spray Nozzle, a choice of 52ft or 82ft quality hose, a 6.5ft leader hose, and mounting bracket. All you need to do is mount the bracket to the wall using the stainless-steel screws provided and you’re ready to enjoy how simple and fuss-free watering can be.
  2. Portable This makes it great if you operate multiple properties or simply want to water from different locations in your outdoor space. Our integrated carry handles allow you to lift your reel off its mounting bracket and transport to and from any spot you wish.
  3. Flexible Hoselink’s mounting bracket enables the hose reel to pivot 180 degrees, allowing the hose to follow you in whatever direction you head in, and giving you the comfort of changing direction without having to stop, swivel and tug on your hose as you walk. The best part is that when you’re done, the reel retracts. Meaning that long piece of hose you’ve just pulled automatically winds itself back in and sits tight and snug in its shell, leaving your garden neat and tidy.


  1. Preventing hose kinks Rather than coiling the hose at your feet, it's best to walk the hose out to where you need it to go. Then, adjust the length as you move around, maintaining a line of hose between you and the reel.
  2. Spray gun maintenance If the trigger stops working properly, add some silicone lubricant around the silver plunger and pump the handle to distribute it. Be careful not to drop your spray gun on hard ground.
  3. Cleaning Keep your reel clean with a damp cloth or brush and soap. Never hose inside the reel. To clean the hose, stand at the reel with a damp towel around the hose to wipe it as it retracts.

man using retractable hose reel to water garden


You bet! With a Hoselink Retractable Hose Reel, you’ll be investing in a solution that’s going to bring out the best in your garden AND make all the neighbors jealous. Life can be difficult enough without coming home and realizing you’ve got a cluttered garden and a long list of jobs to get done. With the addition of a hose reel we promise you’ll be spending less time working in the garden, and more time enjoying it!

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