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Everything you need to know about Hoselink Quick-connect Fittings

Ashley van Raad

In this blog, we will do a deep dive into the Hoselink Quick Connectors. Did you know how Hoselink's patented designed connectors came about? When Hoselink's journey began in Australia back in 1998, founder Tim Kierath was fed up with hose fittings that would leak and burst off constantly. From here, he started designing garden hose fittings that would never leak or burst off, thanks to the screw-on connection using an O-Ring to O-Ring seal. The rest was history! Once you use Hoselink's connectors, you'll never want to use anything else. 

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No Leaks or Bursts, Guaranteed

Hoselink Connectors are backed by a 2-year Warranty and a money back guarantee, meaning you can purchase with confidence! 

Spray Nozzle Connector Kit

Spray Nozzle and Connector Kit

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Was $46.00
Accessory Connector with Swivel

Male Hose Connector with Swivel

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Was $10.00

Perfect for any age or ability

Hoselink Connectors have been designed ergonomically to cater to all ages and abilities, including those with arthritis. Using a simple point and twist motion, it takes mere seconds to have the perfect watering set-up, ready to go. 

A watering experience like nothing else

Each fitting has been designed to be identical, making them interchangeable - the possibilities are endless! 

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The Basics 

Let's go over some must-have essentials in the Hoselink Quick Connectors range. First of all, the Female Hose Connector, this connector can screw onto any size US faucet and won't leak or burst off under pressure. The Female Hose Connector has a female thread, which means it can be used to replace the connection on any accessories that might have a male thread. This fitting is backed by a 2-year Warranty and a 30-day Money-back guarantee! There's nothing to lose when it comes to trying out Hoselink fittings. 

female hose connector

Let's talk about the Male Hose Connector, this connector as you may be able to tell, has a male thread. This means it will securely connect your hose to a watering accessory like a nozzle or sprinkler, it can even be used on some caravans! This is one of the few connectors in the range we suggest you have multiple of, as it will make it faster and easier to swap between accessories. Moreover, the Male Hose Connector is also available with a swivel. This feature is particularly useful when it comes to using accessories like nozzles and wands. 

Universal Faucet Connector

Female Hose Connector

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Was $8.00
8-Pattern Flow Control Sprayer - Short Handle

8-Pattern Flow Control Sprayer - Short Handle

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Was $25.00

Lastly, for the individual connectors, is the Hose Connector with Flow Control. Function meets convenience with this connector, you dont need to run back to the faucet to stop the water. Simply use the leaver to adjust pressure and switch between water on or water off. This is also handy when switching to a sprinkler from a nozzle. No more trying to run away from the water and getting drenched! 


Easy Turn 2-Way Faucet Adapter

Faucet adapters are perfect for when you want more than one hose connected to a single tap. The adapter comes with a reducer so it will fit any size US faucet. Use the adapter in conjunction with the Female Hose Connector and take multi-tasking to a new level. 

Classic Round Sprinkler

Classic Round Sprinkler

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Was $18.00
Classic Round Sprinkler

Classic Round Sprinkler

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Was $18.00

Sets & Packs 

A Hoselink Quick Connector Pack is the perfect way to get started on your Hoselink journey. Say goodbye to leaks and bursts for good! 

Quick Connect Garden Hose Fittings Set

The Quick Connect Garden Hose Fitting Set is a great set to get started with and see just how easy it is to use Hoselink fittings. This set includes all of the essentials we mentioned earlier; Both Female and Male Hose Connectors, one Hose Connector with Flow Control and one Male Hose Connector with Swivel. This set makes it easy to get your Hoselink ecosystem started and enjoy the freedom of flexible watering possibilities. 

Spray Nozzle & Connector Kit 

The connector set with everything you could possibly need! If you're looking to change over an old hose and start your Hoselink ecosystem, then look no further. The kit includes the same basics we mentioned earlier, but it has the added bonus of the Comfort 8-Pattern Flow Control Spray Nozzle. 

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Quick Connect Accessory Add-On Pack

Last but not least, the Quick Connect Accessory Add-On Pack. This pack is an assortment connectors to help you connect to even more watering accessories. Just some extra bits and pieces to make life in the garden even more convenient!

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