50ft Retractable Garden Hose Reel

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Fed up with messy hoses spoiling your garden view? Make watering your backyard easy with Hoselink's new 50ft Retractable Garden Hose Reel - Australia's most trusted Hose Reel, now available in the US!

Enjoy watering your garden with a Hose Reel that does the hard work for you, turning a daily chore into a pleasure as the hose automatically rewinds itself away.

Experience easy watering with no tangles and no unruly hose to contend with. Hoselink's Retractable Garden Hose Reel is an attractive hose storage solution that will keep your garden looking tidy and well hydrated.

The 50ft Retractable Garden Hose Reel is a compact wall-mounted unit featuring a high-quality spring-loaded hose that automatically rewinds on command. Its specially designed ‘stop-anywhere’ locking mechanism secures the hose at any length, preventing your hose from kinking and tangling as you use it.

To lengthen, simply walk the hose out and stop wherever you desire. When you’ve finished, lightly tug the hose to engage its automatic rewind system. The integrated self-layering mechanism will kick in, preventing the hose from overlapping as you walk it back. It’s that simple!

The 50ft Retractable Garden Hose Reel arrives at your door as a complete package with everything you need to get started. It comes equipped and pre-fitted with:

  • Hoselink's easy-to-use Quick-connect Hose Fittings
  • Comfort 8-Pattern Flow Control Spray Nozzle
  • 50ft high-quality PVC hose fitted with solid brass hose threads
  • 5.5ft Leader Hose
  • Durable Bracket + installation hardware

Installing your Retractable Garden Hose Reel is a quick and easy process. Simply mount the bracket to a solid wall or flat post, slide the Garden Hose Reel into the bracket, and attach the Leader Hose to the faucet. Turn on the water, pull out the hose, and you’ll be watering away in no time!

If you have a large yard, check out our 82ft Retractable Garden Hose Reel.

Hoselink’s Retractable Garden Hose Reels are covered by a 2-year warranty and a 30-day Money Back Guarantee. All Hoselink garden hoses are BPA- and lead-free.   If you have any questions please don't hesitate to contact our friendly customer service team at usa-support@hoselink.com who are always happy to help.

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Easy to use Reel

Easy to Use

Effortlessly keep your hose at any length with the specially designed ‘stop-anywhere’ locking mechanism. To tidy your hose away, simply give it a gentle tug and the automatic rewind feature will retract your hose and neatly coil it inside the unit using the integrated self-laying system, saving you precious time and energy.

Flexible Rewind Reel

Flexible Watering

The Hose Reel comes with our innovative Comfort 8-Pattern Flow Control Spray Nozzle that's lightweight, thumb-controlled and has eight different spray functions suitable for every watering job. Thanks to the cleverly designed mounting bracket, the Hose Reel also pivots 180° and follows your direction around the garden as you move around, making it easier than ever to water your backyard.

Garden Hose Reel

Ready to Go

The Hose Reel comes fully equipped and pre-fitted with Hoselink Quick-connect Hose Fittings and a Comfort 8-Pattern Flow Control Spray Nozzle. Simply mount the bracket to the wall using the supplied stainless steel screws and you’re ready to start enjoying hassle-free watering!

Built Tough

With UV-stabilised casing, stainless-steel hardware, a premium quality all-seasons hose, and reliable Quick-connect Hose Fittings, the 50ft Hose Reel is ready for any tough environmental conditions. The durable case protects the hose to remain flexible in the cooler months and safe from the heat of the harsh summer sun.

Portable Hose Reel

Comfortable to Carry

Integrated carry handles make it easy to lift the Hose Reel from its mounting bracket to transport it wherever you need. With the option to purchase an Additional Wall Bracket, you can use and store your Hose Reel in multiple locations. The Hose Reel can also be padlocked (sold separately) to the bracket to thwart would-be thieves.

complete hose package

Complete Package

The Retractable Garden Hose Reel arrives at your door with everything you'll need including a complete set of Hoselink Quick-connect Hose Fittings, Comfort 8-Pattern Flow Control Spray Nozzle, 50ft of quality hose, a 5.5ft Leader Hose and Mounting Bracket. Everything is set up and ready to go!

Product Specifications

Model Name 50' Retractable Garden Hose Reel
Model Number US3315
Material Reel/bracket (polypropylene), hose (PVC), screws/pins (stainless steel), plugs (plastic)
Colour Grey
Hose Reel Dimensions H15.3" x W9.4" x D19.6" (39cm x 24cm x 50cm)
Mounted Hose Reel Dimensions 23.6" (D60cm) when facing out
9.4" (D24cm) when pushed flat against wall
Hose Reel Diameter The inner diameter of the hose is 14mm (9/16 inch) and the outside diameter is 16.5mm (5/8 inch, which is slightly smaller than a US 5/8ths garden hose.
Universal Bracket Dimensions H7.87" x W4.13" x D6.3"(20cm x 10.5cm x 16cm)
Weight 21lbs (9.45kg)
Fitting Size 14mm fittings specifically designed for use with this hose reel only.
Maximum Pressure 150psi
Maximum Water Temperature 104°F (40°C)
UV Resistant Yes
Wall Mounted Yes
Leader Hose 6'6"ft (2m)
Assembly Required Yes (you will need a drill)
Click here for mounting options.
Use with Water Tanks Yes

Q. Can I put my own hose in this hose reel?
A. No, the hose reel comes pre-fitted with a spring-loaded 50ft hose designed for use with the retractable mechanism.

Q. Does the hose in the reel kink?
A. This hose has been specifically designed for use in a retractable hose reel unit and must be soft and pliable so that it retracts easily. Although this hose is not designed for kink-resistance specifically, using a hose reel greatly reduces the likelihood of kinks. In addition, the retraction mechanism of the reel ensures that the hose is always reeled back in a straight line, so the hose does not twist and kink.

Q. Does the hose reel have to be mounted?
A. Yes, the hose reel design requires this hose reel to be secured in its bracket, which can be mounted to brick, timber, siding or 4x4 post. You can watch the How-to video here.

Q. If I would like to put in a post for mounting, how deep should the post be into the ground?
A. The post depth required depends on a number of factors, including how hard-packed the soil is and how much concrete is used. We suggest 1.6ft as a safe depth for the post before pouring in the concrete. In addition, we would recommend that the hole is dug to 1ft square to provide enough concrete to keep the hose reel firmly in place.

Q. Can I use the Retractable Hose Reels with hot water?
A. No, they are not recommended for use with hot water.

Q. Which states do you deliver to?
A. Hoselink currently delivers to the continental USA. Unfortunately, we are unable to deliver to Alaska or Hawaii at this time.

Q. What should I do if I have a problem with my product?
A. Just send us an email to usa-support@hoselink.com and our expert team will be in touch to solve the issue.


Customer Reviews

Based on 132 reviews
adrian ebacher
Second times a charm?

I purchased a 50’ reel and it broke within a handful of times using it. Customer service was fantastic and sent me out another one. Apparently the spring broke knife and the reel wouldn’t retract. Hose link told me to “discard” the brand new broken reel. Such a waist. I truly hope the second one they sent out will last. I was hoping to have this reel for years.

We are very sorry about the spring issue with your first hose reel, but glad we could help get it replaced quickly so you could get back to watering! Yes - we understand discarding the broken unit is wasteful and are working to find a better solution when unfortunate circumstances occur. You can hold onto the fittings & sprayer and cut the hose out from inside of the unit.

So neat and tidy

Really love my new hoselink. It makes the difference between a messy hose area and a neat and tidy one so easy! Thank you!

Made a great gift

My parents loved my hose reels but wouldn’t splurge for one for themselves. Got them this as a gift and they love it!

Clarice Hampel
New Hoselink

My new Hoselink replaces another brand I purchased two years ago. At the two year point, I had problems with the retraction and the hose connection inside the unit sprung a leak. I can tell the new Hoselink is made better, sturdier and the hose stops at any point I want. So much better! Thank you.

Thanks for the review. We are happy you made the switch! You won't be disappointed

S Brown
Makes keeping the hose out of the way easy.

Company has great customer service and products are well made.

dan barzel
Excellent product

Have had this product for a couple of years. Good installation instructions and included hardware is high quality. Solves a real issue if you use your hose frequently. I find the operation easy and consistent. There's no more hose coiling Mass on the ground or either the hassle of cranking a handle to retract your hose. I've had many people say what a great product it is, and several of my friends have bought them for their boat docks, side of the house, etc.

Thanks for passing on the good word to your friends! The hose reel works great everywhere - at home, in the barn, at the boat slip, you name it!

Kathy Warren

I love my retractable hose. Was super easy to install. My favorite summer purchase this year.

Margaret Keller

No kinks…. Hope to purchase another one for our back yard!

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