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Ideal for watering large garden beds

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Reduce water wastage with the Weeper Hose, specially designed to water garden beds effectively.

The Weeper Hose makes watering easy by slowly weeping water directly into the soil near plant roots.

Simply lay the hose out in a straight line or gentle curves, connect to your Hoselink-fitted hose and turn the water on lightly. The internal hose fills and lets water seep through the outer nylon, evenly along the length of the hose.

The Weeper Hose can be used above or below mulch and is ideally paired with a timer.

Please note:

  • Lay the hose in a straight line or gentle curve - no sharp turns or corners
  • Works best with low water pressure - do not turn the tap on full
  • Best used above ground or under mulch - do not bury underground

Includes free Hoselink Accessory Connector for a quick-connection to your Hoselink fitted hose.

This product comes with a Hoselink connector included for quick connection to your Hoselink-fitted garden hose. If you are new to Hoselink then you will need to either convert your hose to Hoselink no-burst fittings or alternatively you can unscrew the Hoselink connector from this device and replace it with a standard click-on style male connector (please note we do not sell these).


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Product Specifications

Model Name

Weeper Hose 50ft

Model Number



Hoselink fitting (nylon)
Hose (Outer - nylon, Inner - PVC, Fitting - ABS)


Green, yellow, black
Length 50ft

Fitting Size


Maximum Pressure


UV Resistant


Assembly Required

Warranty 12 months

What's Included

  • 50ft Weeper Hose (x1)
  • Hoselink Accessory Connector (x1)

Q. What's the difference between a Soaker Hose and a Weeper Hose?
A. A Soaker Hose is a plastic hose with holes throughout its length and emits a spray outwards, similar to a sprinkler. A Weeper Hose slowly "weeps" water and looks like it is dripping. Because Weeper Hoses drip directly into the ground underneath them, they are suitable for watering garden beds, can be buried under mulch and are useful for conserving water. Soaker Hoses, on the other hand, act more like a sprinkler. Many people like to use them on long sections of garden.

Q. Can I bury the Weeper Hose underground?
A. We do not recommend burying this product underground. However it would be ideally placed sitting on top of the ground but under mulch.

Q. Can I turn the Weeper Hose around corners?
A. This hose is best utilized in a straight line, or with very gentle curves. It will not be suitable for a sharp turn.

Q. How do I connect it to water?
A. This product comes with a Hoselink Accessory Connector. You lay the Weeper Hose in your garden bed and attach a Hoselink-fitted hose end to the Accessory Connector. You would not attach this product directly to a tap unless the tap is in the garden bed.


Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews
Steve DePuy
Great garden weeper hose

Good quality hose! Love the quick disconnect fittings. Provides just enough water to my inpatients flowers

Super convenient weeper hose

I have these hoses in a couple of my raised beds, they are my backup watering system because I enjoy watering by hand, I lay them down longways and I can go 3-4 times depending on the size of the bed and they work amazing. So far this season, I turn them on early in the am while I take my morning walks,,, the quick connect adapters that come with them make the switching part really quick, I might grab a few more for the rest of my beds.

Deborah Neher
Love it!

This hose is perfect for my garden.

Judy Rhine

50ft Weeper Hose

Phoebe Dingman
Weeper hose

Long, big, and quick connect! What else can a girl ask for !!

Weeper hose

I put this out yesterday. Worked great. My worry was the curve in my raised bed. But there were zero issues. Looking forward to using it this summer.

Awesome products!

I love my Weeper hoses .. I bought two and have them running down my row of tomatoes and my peppers … I leave them on while I putter around in my garden ….they do an excellent job … I also purchased a Hoselink in black and it’s the best investment I have in my garden … thank you so much for great products.

Thanks for taking the time to leave us a review! The Weeper Hoses are a great for watering directly at the roots and we're sure your Tomatos and Peppers appreciate them! Glad you're also loving your Hoselink Retractable Hose Reel! :)

The best soaker hose.

Light weight, easy to use, does the job!

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