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8-Pattern Flow Control Sprayer - Short Handle

8-Pattern Flow Control Sprayer - Short Handle

Now with increased frost resistance

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Now with improved frost resistance to keep you watering year after year!

Our latest innovation in spray nozzles will make your watering experience the best it has EVER been! Leveraging our extensive knowledge and expertise in watering excellence along with feedback from our customers, we designed this Comfort 8-Pattern Flow Control Spray Nozzle to deliver a product that is easy and comfortable to use.

The Comfort 8-Pattern Flow Control Spray Nozzle has been put through rigorous testing, and after a year on the market being trialed in real-life gardening situations, we are happy to report it has a 4.9/5 star rating from our customers and has proven its performance in the field. We’re confident this is the best spray nozzle you will find on the market!

Here’s what is so good about the Comfort 8-Pattern Flow Control Spray Nozzle and why you’ll love it:

Comfortable grip – The ergonomically-designed soft rubber grip handle is easy to hold no matter what task you’re undertaking.

Lightweight – A pleasure to use when watering for long periods of time that won’t weigh you down. The nozzle comes in at just over 5oz, compared to 14oz for the metal 7-function trigger spray nozzle, making it ideal for anyone with arthritis or hand strength issues. The lightweight plastic design also means it is less likely to break if dropped than a heavy metal spray nozzle.

Adjustable – The water flow adjuster allows you to set a precise water flow for whatever job you’re doing, whether you need a light spray for watering young plants, a solid spray for watering established plants, or a heavy jet spray for cleaning tasks.

Thumb-control lever – You have full control over the water with a simple push of the thumb at the top of the sprayer. Trigger-style sprayers require force to hold down the trigger, resulting in strain, and the continuous spray lock is easily bumped out of alignment. These problems are eliminated with the Comfort 8-Pattern Flow Control Nozzle's thumb-controlled lever, which is ergonomically-placed and easy to use for the young and old alike.

8 spray functions – Enjoy a wide variety of spray functions that are clearly marked, easy to read, and genuinely useful.

Optimized design – We’ve designed this sprayer to enhance water flow strength compared to previous models and have even considered the angle of the spray head, so it is just right whether you’re watering plants, hosing down concrete, or washing the car.

No servicing required – Unlike previous models that require periodic maintenance such as lubrication of the trigger with silicone oil, this design doesn’t need servicing. As it is made out of plastic, it is also more suitable with a wide variety of water types, avoiding any internal build-up.

If you’ve used our metal spray nozzles in the past, we recommend you try switching to our latest innovation and trying it out for yourself. Our mighty Comfort 8-Pattern Flow Control Spray Nozzle might be made of plastic, but we guarantee it will be a robust addition to your watering arsenal.  

Spray patterns:

  1. Center – Similar to shower but with more substantial water flow and narrower width
  2. Cone – Wide, fine spray dispersion
  3. Jet – Strong, far-reaching spray good for cleaning and hosing down
  4. Mist – Perfect for gently spraying seedlings
  5. Vertical – Narrow, tall spray for precision watering
  6. Flat – Great for rinsing off cars and windows
  7. Full – Wide jet-type spray
  8. Shower – Best for watering established plants, garden beds, pots and lawns

We recommend:

  • Ensure you have a Hoselink Male Connector or Male Connector with Swivel if using this product with a Hoselink-fitted hose.
  • If you're new to Hoselink, we recommend purchasing the Spray Nozzle and Connector Kit, which includes the 8-Pattern Comfort Spray Nozzle and our set of Garden Hose Fittings, everything you need to transform your existing hose to the Hoselink system: Hoselink Quick-Connect Kit


Product specifications

Model Name
Comfort 8-Pattern Flow Control Sprayer
Model Number
Plastic, rubber
Weight 5oz
Gray and black
Fitting Size
3/4" thread
Maximum Pressure
UV Resistant
Assembly Required
Warranty 2 years


Product reviews

Customer Reviews

Based on 160 reviews

Works great and customer service was awesome.


Had to order this as a replacement. The first one started leaking internally.

james Mcclelland
Great sprayer

Great! Smooth. No leaks

Anne Calbaugh
Excellent product

I have 3 hoselinks and quick release nozzles. Best purchases I’ve made in a long time. Highly recommend them.

Ingrid Espinal
Excellent performance/ easy on the hand

I cannot say enough good things about the Hoselink product, I own the hose for longer than a year now and I will love to get another. I needed to replace the nozzle because I had a very harsh winter and neglected to drain the hose and to put it in the garage, however the only damage received was that the nozzle that burst and had a leak, the new nozzle it’s excellent, it’s so easy to use and easy on the hands. PS the hose case color still intact, I really love it.

Hi Ingrid, thanks so much for your review. We are thrilled to learn you are loving your hose reel and new nozzle. Happy watering!


I like the way it’s built

Kathleen Haskett
Comfort 8 Pattern Nozzle

Love it. Works like a charm. Comfortable handle.


Awesome hose, highly recommend