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Item: US5565-WG


4.96/5 from 49 reviews

Brass High Pressure Jet Nozzle

Brass High Pressure Jet Nozzle

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This powerful sprayer is perfect for jobs that need extra pressure like washing the car or hosing down hard surfaces.

With a far-reaching output that sprays at a distance up to 25ft (depending on water pressure), this cleverly designed nozzle will get the job done fast.

The spray is changed by simply twisting the head - when completely open it projects a powerful jet spray or twist down to a strong mist. Closing the head completely will shut the water flow off.

This sprayer comes with a Hoselink Accessory Connector for a quick and easy connection to your Hoselink fitted hose. We suggest pairing with a Hose Connector with Flow Control for even more convenient watering.

This product comes with a Hoselink connector included for quick connection to your Hoselink-fitted garden hose.  If you are new to Hoselink then you will need to either convert your hose to Hoselink no-burst fittings (we recommend the Spray Nozzle and Connector Kit) or alternatively you can unscrew the Hoselink connector from this device and screw it directly to the end of your hose.








Product specifications

Model Name Brass High Pressure Jet Nozzle
Model Number US5565-WG
Material Brass
Color Gold and silver
Weight 5.3oz
Maximum Pressure 550psi
Hose Fitting Size 3/4" thread
UV Resistant Yes
Assembly Required No
Warranty 12 months


Product reviews

Customer Reviews

Based on 49 reviews
len fink
Amazing product

Never thought I would spend a excessive amount on a hose reel, however, it was well worth the money, fantastic well made retractable hose reel, couldn't be happier, I highly recommend considering the purchase of Hoselink, you'll be highly satisfied

Valarie Lorenc

Our new Hoselink is just working out great! Easy to install, easy to use and looks beautiful. Hoselink, where have you been all my life?

Douglas Gay
It's a blast

The nozzle is adjustable to the amount of pressure you desire for different applications-looking forward to using it on the aluminum fascia.

Sten Sjoberg
Best in class

I hate hoses. There is nothing worse than trying to roll up a hose. Hoselink is the ultimate savior. We have five of them. Plus numerous attachments, e.g. the extension hose. We now also buy all the other attachments that Hoselink sells. First class company.

Kristian Phillips
Powerful little sprayer

Great sprayer especially if you need more power but don’t want to get out the big pressure washer. This hoses down our breezeway just perfectly.

Joanna Harper
Jet Nozzle

Works very effectively.

Mary Jo OGeen
Jet force win

This is a wonderful attachment for my hose cleans up in a breeze it’s just enough power to get rid of the pollen n grime without the weight and bulk of a pressure washer machine.

LeeAnne Myers
Time Saver For Sure!!

We are absolutely loving the Hoselink Brass High Pressure Jet Nozzle! We have a Honda pressure washer, and love it...but, for all those jobs that aren't too big where you need high pressure to get dirt and grime off things, the BHPN can't be beat! No lugging out the heavier pressure washer! ***** 🥇