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4.9/5 from 31 reviews

Ground Hose Guide

Ground Hose Guide

Protect garden edges when pulling the hose

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When your hose drags over your garden beds as you pull it around, then you need a Ground Hose Guide to keep it running where you need it!

Push the Ground Hose Guide into the ground at the edge of your garden bed. As you pull the hose around the garden, the swivel will ensure the hose easily moves around the bed, protecting your plants.

Also ideally placed at the corner of the house or deck.

Install multiple Ground Hose Guides along your garden edges where trouble spots occur.


Product specifications

Model Name
Ground Hose Guide
Model Number
10.25 Inches
UV Resistant
Assembly Required


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Customer Reviews

Based on 31 reviews
Great help in the garden!

I love both hoselinks I recently purchased. I bought one for our back garden and found it so easy to use, and I am now able to quickly put away the hose. The nozzle has the perfect settings for various plant needs, also.
After using that hose, I bought another for the front yard that we installed next to our house. The cream colored one was a perfect match to the house, too.
I love not fighting with winding the hose back up and having a hose left stretched over the yard.
I ended up purchasing a 3rd as a gift for our daughter. She loves hers as well.
I may purchase a 4th one as soon as I get a water source in another area to the property!
Great product!

Good, so far..

I love it so far. I'm 79, and gardening is my hobby around my small condo gardens. I have only one faucet outside my front door that has to reach down the walk and to the end of my drive. Then, along the side of the condo and just to the back. There, I use the quick connects on an existing hose to reach the entire back. The shut-off valve on the connectors has made this so much easier for me.

The Hoselink resembles a small outboard motor. I was worried that it would be an eyesore placed near my front door, but it almost disappears and it can be turned away from the front walk. So far, there's no leaking. And, it's so convenient to walk out the front door, pick it up and go to town, as I leave the water on since there are no leaks.

I will say, that for me at least, there's a bit of a learning curve. Due to the hose tension, extending it takes some effort...not awful, just figuring it out. It's easier for me to place it over my shoulder and walk it out to the desired length. With retraction, it returns at a pretty good clip. That's great, but for an older person, the path to the Hoselink needs to be clear.

It's an investment for sure, but if gardening is your hobby, it's worth it.

Chuck Krivickas
Hoselink purchase great so far

Purchased hoselink real after seeing it on a garden video. My wife's biggest issue was never winding up the hose after use and it leaked at the real constantly. I always had to remind her to turn off the water at the spigot to prevent a hose line rupture which has happened many times. We always bought the best reals we could find which were $150 or more without a hose. Then you're stuck with a straight-line hard pull and it always snagged in the ground when rewinding it. Don't forget the fact that your hands and pants get mud all over them when trying to keep the hose lined up as you rewind it. Hoselink - automatically rewinds as you walk the hose out or back to the reel, no mess, no struggle. I thought it was expensive but at this point (now at 2 months of use) I would buy another in a heartbeat. It comes with a wall mount but I bought an extra in case. It turns where you need it and folds against the wall when done. It has quick disconnects and can be moved around easily if needed. Highly recommend it!

Patty Decker
Greatest thing ever!

Thanks to Laura in Oregon, Garden Answer, I took a chance and tried Hoselink. Not only one, but I liked it so much I bought another. 🤭 At 63, it is hard for me to drag 82 feet of hose. I wish I had learned of these sooner. Thank you Hoselink…and Laura. ❤️

Mike S.
Need More Ground Hose Guides!

These guides are great! In fact, I need to get more of them. They are large enough that the hose doesn’t slip off of them once they are strategically placed close to where you need to start pulling the hose in different directions. Also, the spike on these guides are huge and needed to be pounded into the dirt with a mallet. I recommend wetting the ground first. Great for big yards with lots of turns. The guides make it easy to retract the hose from a long distance too.

Elizabeth Hunt
Best hose ever

Best purchase I have made recently. Love it and wonder what I did before I had it. Everyone needs at least one Hoselink!

Anne Douglas
It works

This works and is an easy option for beginner gardeners or those who may be a little rough with their gardening items.

Rochelle Abeyta
Happy with purchase

I'm happy with the ground hose guide, it works perfectly. I placed it at a corner and my hose sits within the guide without a problem.