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Item: US3118


4.89/5 from 9 reviews

Retractable Hose Reel Mounting Post

Retractable Hose Reel Mounting Post

Set in the ground for a freestanding mounting option

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Product color is Beige (please note color may vary in some images and video).

The Retractable Hose Reel Mounting Post is an optional extra mounting solution designed to work with Hoselink's Retractable Reel.

The powder-coated metal post can be located anywhere in the garden and is ideal if you want a Retractable Reel but don't have a wall on which to mount the bracket.  Please note that unlike the standard wall bracket, the reel cannot be locked on to the Hose Reel Post with a padlock.

There is a hole on top of the post to hold the hose reel pin in place, allowing the reel to swivel 360° and follow you as you move around the garden.

This product is suitable for use with all Hoselink Retractable Hose Reel sizes.

Installation Advice

The post must be secured in the ground to take the weight of the reel, which can be accomplished with concrete (not supplied). The total post length is 31 inches long and we recommend setting it in at least 12 inches of concrete.

For a secure hold, dig a hole 18 inches deep and 12 inches wide. Fill with gravel for the first 6 inches before setting the Mounting Post on top and filling with concrete, ensuring a concrete depth of 12 inches up the post.

This will require approximately 65lbs of concrete.

For the complete installation guide, please watch our video here.

What's Included

1x Retractable Hose Reel Mounting Post. Hose Reels are sold separately. Our reels are pre-boxed with a Wall Bracket and the package cannot be altered.

You Will Also Need

Cement and gravel from your local hardware store.

*Reel not included.



Product specifications

Model Name Hose Reel Post
Model Number US3118
Material Powder coated aluminum
Color Charcoal
Length 31" (set 12" of length into ground)
Size H31" x W1 1/2" x D1 1/2"
Corrosion Resistant Yes
Assembly Required Yes - must be set in concrete in the ground
Individual Item Yes
Warranty 1 year


Product reviews

Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
love it i will buy again next year

love it

Murakami Hana
Great hose and easy installation

Very easy to install and use. Retractable is the best!!

Nora Norton
Mounting Post

Easy to install. thinking of purchasing another hoselink for the backyard.

Lynn Sargent
Love hoselink

This is my second Hoselink and I love it as much as I love the first one! I’m terrified at rolling up a hose and can’t stand them strung across the yard! Hoselink solves my problems!

Karen Ratliff
Installed Two Twice

The only thing keeping me from a 5 star rating is that there was not any installation instructions in the packaging. The first time we installed them, we used a chemical mix and guessed at the depth in the ground. After seeing that didn't work, we searched the web and found that concrete was recommended, but still no recommendation about the depth. We decided to remove the end cap and added some stakes on the inside of the post before adding cement. It worked.

David Dwight
Top Notch!

The Hoselink and all the extras I purchased,
(hose extension, metal mounting pole) arrived in timely manner. I set the pole as directed and mounted the Hoselink the next day. We are very happy with our purchase! Works as advertised and removes the “hose clutter” we had on patio before Hoselink. I am happy I discovered this product!

Love my Hoselink

I have tried many hoses and reels in recent years and was always disappointed and frustrated with them. The hoselink is a game changer, No kinks and leaving the hose strewn across the lawn because it was such a hassle to reel it up. I love my hoselink!

Mary Ellen Rohner
Best thing since sliced bread!!!

I did need some help from friends for installation on my fence post, but it's up, out of the way and it's perfect; so easy to use (no more rolling up a heavy hose). It gave me more room, where my old hosebox was always in my way and looking old and ugly.