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4.0/5 from 4 reviews

4-Pattern Extendable Wand

4-Pattern Extendable Wand

Watering with reach!

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Whether watering or cleaning, this extendable sprayer can reach higher than any other sprayer can.

The 4-Pattern Extendable Wand can be extended anywhere between 36-inches and 62-inches to suit the task and is easily adjusted whenever you need to.

There are 4 spray patterns including: Cone | Mist | Shower | Gutter

In addition, the pivot head allows you to adjust the angle, ideal when using the Gutter setting to clean out gutters and downpipes. You can turn the water on or off using the twist mechanism at the base of the handle.

Two soft rubber grip handles make it easy to hold and with the pole being aluminum, it is light enough for anyone to use.

To extend the handle, turn the widest sleeve near the spray head then pull the spray head up. To secure at the desired length, tighten the sleeve again.

The 4-Pattern Extendable Wand comes with a Hoselink Male Hose Connector for a quick and easy connection to your Hoselink fitted hose.



Product specifications

Model Name
4-Pattern Extendable Wand
Model Number
Aluminum, rubber, plastic, nylon (fitting)
Weight 1.6lbs
Length 36" to 62"
Black and silver
Maximum Pressure
UV Resistant
Assembly Required
Warranty 12 months

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Frequently asked questions for 4-Pattern Extendable Wand

Q. Why would I choose this product over the Pivot Gutter Cleaner?
A.  If you're looking for a multi-purpose sprayer for watering plants up high that can also be used for cleaning, then the 4 Pattern Extendable Sprayer is the better option. 

Q. Why would I choose the Pivot Gutter Cleaner product over the 4 Pattern Extendable Sprayer?
A. The Long-reach Pivot Cleaner is ideal for guttering because of the precise nature of the spray outlet and more manageable, smaller spray head.


Product reviews

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Joel Ashley
Stoutly built but heavy

Although this wand is much better made than others we have, and is certainly more expensive, I didn’t count on its weight. Replacing a funky water powered retractable reel by Suncast, I was hoping my 86 year old wife could more easily handle the back patio watering of our dozen + pots with a Hoselink reel and wand. Unfortunately the hose requires enough force to pull off the reel that even I am a bit taxed. Ditto for our older Hoselink reel by the garden shed.

I’ve resolved part of the issue on the patio by a combination of hose guides along a house wall and feeding loose hose through them such that it piles up on the ground between them, and out of harm’s way, instead of going back on the reel. It’s easy then next time to pull the hose for use. It does kind of mute the usefulness of the spendy reel, but it is what it is, and the reel can still be used for winter hose storage.

Unfortunately the heft of the wand will make it too unwieldy for my wife, especially in telescoped mode. It is handy for reaching around or over some obstacles to water “remote” pots, especially hanging ones . I also like the double soft hand pieces that aid with comfort and control in some circumstances.. That said for my use, for my wife I may have to replace the wand with the standard hose end nozzle when she opts to do the watering if I’m busy elsewhere.

I should add also that we aren’t enamored of the wand’s twist on/off feature. It’s too clumsy with both hands at that valve while trying to balance the torque of the wand’s weighty length, even not telescoped. In the dim evening light it’s hard to read the lettering on the twist valve too. So I instead soon went to using the swing valve on the Hoselink Quick-connector to easily fine-control flow and on/off.

To reiterate, the product quality is unmatched. But beyond thoughtful design (human engineering), that same quality is partly attributable to its heavy duty materials, resulting in a weight consideration's to be entertained by customers with handicaps or weaknesses.

Kim Stephenson
Hoselink's 4-Pattern Extendable Wand Extends Garden Convenience!!

This is a winner!! There are several reasons why I recommend this watering wand. First, I have other expensive name brand wands, but none have as much of a consistent water flow as the 4-Pattern Extendable Wand. Second, this wand really extends to about twice its size so it helps me water the hard to reach spots of the garden, and with that consistent strong flow I spoke of it is really a game changer. I like that it doesn't have to stay that long too though so I can easily handle it for closer spaces. Third, it was super easy to set up and even came with a quick change connection. Fourth, the 4-Pattern nozzle has a perfect selection of the best water sprays, including one that is really like a robust but soft rain shower. And fifth, but not least, the head of the wand rotates so you can position it downwards to get in hanging baskets, straight to reach areas in front of you, and up to arc the water to get into even farther areas of the garden. Highly recommend investing in one of these! I plan to get a for more for the side of the house gardens and the backyard garden!

John Gavin
Head Leaks

First, let me say that I have Three hose Link set up at my house and I use the hose Link adapters for all hoses. Extension wand is comfortable to use, but the head leaks so you end up getting your clothes or feet wet from holding it up, right

Hi John, thanks so much for your review. You absolutely should not be experiencing leaking. Please email us at and we will square this away for you!

Jennifer Brown
Good reach.

Works great and gives me the reach needed without having to change sides.