7-Function Spray Nozzle

Durable, multi-purpose sprayer for every watering application

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Rely on the 7-Function Spray Nozzle for all your watering needs.

Watering becomes a breeze with seven different spray settings to choose from and a handy continuous spray lock. Featuring a soft-grip rubber handle, the ergonomically-designed 7-Function Spray Nozzle is comfortable and easy to use. Solidly constructed from metal, this durable Spray Nozzle is built to withstand all weathers.

Spray settings include:

  • Shower - A gentle spray ideal for watering the lawn, garden beds and pots
  • Mist - Perfect for gently spraying seedlings
  • Full - Wide jet spray
  • Cone - Wide, fine spray dispersion
  • Center - Similar to the shower function but more direct with a stronger flow
  • Flat - Great for rinsing off cars and windows
  • Jet - Strong, far-reaching spray excellent for cleaning and hosing down

We recommend:

  • To control the flow of the water, combine it with a Hose Connector with Flow Control on the end of your hose.
  • To prevent the hose from twisting, connect it with an Accessory Connector with Swivel. 
  • To keep it operating smoothly, be sure to lubricate it with silicone oil.

Please note: if you purchase an Accessory Connector for each of your watering accessories you can quickly switch between them with a simple ‘point and twist’ action.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 130 reviews
Ann Berry

I’m am thrilled with the hose link... but because of on going construction have not hooked it up.. will send a review then.

Tammy Castleberry

Fast delivery and very well made.
Loved the way it was packaged and so crazy excited to have it!! How ever I haven’t installed it yet, been crazy busy!!! But extremely well made product! Thank you so much!!
“Oh” just to let you know how much I wanted this product. I entered the contest on your site and Garden Answers and I was too impatient and excited for this hose real that I went ahead and bought it ( husband was a little upset but he seen how much I wanted it and gave in :) ) I don’t ever enter contest because I strongly don’t I would have won and I was right I didn’t...::( anyway thank you for a great product!! I will buy more and told friends and family.

Sean Warring

Premium 7-Function Spray Nozzle

robert bryant
Love this Product

This hose is so easy to install and such a great device we now have two of them for our home.

Angel Rodriguez Jr.
My New Hoselink System

This hose retractable hose unit is a very nice well made system. I am satisfied with the quality of the overall unit and extra components.

the perfect hose

This is one of those things that once you have it you wonder how you ever lived without it function and form wrapped up in a neat package. Awesome!

Joseph Gish
Wish it was longer

I like the fit, form and function of the product. Just wished you could make it with a longer hose.......say 40m length would be awesome. Outside of that, its awesome!

James Sibert

Premium 7-Function Spray Nozzle

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