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Item: US5528-WG

4.95/5 from 162 reviews

7-Function Spray Nozzle

7-Function Spray Nozzle

Durable, multi-purpose sprayer for every watering application

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Rely on the 7-Function Spray Nozzle for all your watering needs.

Watering becomes a breeze with seven different spray settings to choose from and a handy continuous spray lock. Featuring a soft-grip rubber handle, the ergonomically-designed 7-Function Spray Nozzle is comfortable and easy to use. Solidly constructed from metal, this durable Spray Nozzle is built to withstand all weathers.

Spray settings include:

  • Shower - A gentle spray ideal for watering the lawn, garden beds and pots
  • Mist - Perfect for gently spraying seedlings
  • Full - Wide jet spray
  • Cone - Wide, fine spray dispersion
  • Center - Similar to the shower function but more direct with a stronger flow
  • Flat - Great for rinsing off cars and windows
  • Jet - Strong, far-reaching spray excellent for cleaning and hosing down

We recommend:

  • To control the flow of the water, combine it with a Hose Connector with Flow Control on the end of your hose.
  • To prevent the hose from twisting, connect it with an Accessory Connector with Swivel. 
  • To keep it operating smoothly, be sure to lubricate it with silicone oil.

Please note: if you purchase an Accessory Connector for each of your watering accessories you can quickly switch between them with a simple ‘point and twist’ action.


Product specifications

Model Name
7-Function Spray Nozzle
Model Number
Metal, rubber, plastic
Warm gray, black
Weight 1lb
Maximum Pressure
UV Resistant
Assembly Required
Warranty 1 year


Product reviews

Customer Reviews

Based on 162 reviews
Carla Posch
Posch blooms

Love these nozzles. Very simple to use and they work perfectly! I love how simple it is to connect them to my hoselink. I would love another hoselink in my yard!

Barrie S
Game changer

I can water the garden with it and clean with it. All with one attachment

Thomas McDaniel
Hoselink Accessories

We have two Hoselink reels and will be purchasing two more. They are extremely well designed. I just purchased extra spray nozzles as they are far superior than anything you can purchase anywhere else.

Love this

Heavier metal construction than the standard spray nozzle. We seems to like this one a bit better.

Spray Nozzle

This type nozzle came with my original Hoselink, my other two came with a different one. I prefer this "older" one better than the nozzles that come with the newer Hoselinks. The different sprays just seem to work better for me on this 7-function spray nozzle. Just my preference.

Rhonda Reano
Great Nozzle

Absolutely love the Nozzle. Has all the different spray features, not weight heavy and no leaking. The best I've ever owned. Highly recommend it.

Joseph Lambert
7 function spray nozzle

Works nice...DONT drop on sidewalk...they leak everywhere after it. Love it. Cant wait until the wand is back in stock

Jeanette Dahlquist
7 function spray nozzle

I have never had such a wonderful tool to water with. It has been a joy to water with it!