Long-reach Shower Spray Wand

Extra length to reach hanging baskets with ease

item: US5556

Product Info

Take care of your hanging and potted plants with Hoselink’s premium hand-held watering device, the Long-reach Shower Wand.

Featuring an extra long lance, the Long-reach Shower Wand allows you to direct water exactly where it is needed.

The specially designed metal showerhead delivers a beautiful soft spray that is gentle on delicate leaves and flowers.

It is comfortable and easy to use thanks to its quality lightweight construction and soft grip rubber handle. The on/off flow control lever gives you total control over the strength of the spray with a simple push of your thumb.

With a high resistance to corrosion, your durable aluminium wand will remain protected and rust free.

The Long-reach Shower Wand comes pre-fitted with a Hoselink Accessory Connector with Swivel for a quick and easy connection to your Hoselink fitted hose.

You can remove the shower head for periodical cleaning of the fine holes in the spray mesh.

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Product Specifications

Model Name Long-reach Shower Wand
Model Number US5556
Material Stainless steel, aluminium, rubber
Colour Silver, green, yellow
Maximum Pressure 100psi
Weight 680 grams
Length 700mm (plus fitting)
UV Resistant No
Assembly Required No
Hose Fitting Size 12mm
Individual Item No
Warranty 1 year

What's Included

  • Long-reach Shower Wand (x1)
  • Hoselink Accessory Connector with Swivel (x1)

Q. The spread of water isn't a wide as I expected, is there anything I can do?
A. Yes! In some cases the face plate may have been incorrectly placed onto the spray head. This is easily resolved by unscrewing the rim and flipping the fine holed metal disc.


Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Works well but leaks

Shower wand is helpful for watering raised beds. Interchanging attachments are convenient. Only negative is I noticed small leakage from attachment point to hose and there is some dribbling from the end of the wand.

We don't want you to be dealing with a leak! Send us an email at usa-support@hoselink.com and we will be happy to get that cleaned up for you.

Kayla Christian
Wonderful watering wand

I absolutely love my hoselinks watering wand! I have other brands and they are not as good. Hoselinks wand doesn't leak and has nice and comfortable on/off. I will be ordering a couple more!

Leonard J Brizuela
The Shower Spray Wand works wonders!

Straight forward tool and easy to use! I noticed instantly how much coverage, and less time I need to water each plant with its unique shower head features! Totally recommend to anyone who wants to save time on their gardens.

Christin P.
This is a must have!

I always prefer long wand for watering, however mine leaked at the end of last season. i thought I’ll give Hoselink one a try, and I love it! It’s so easy to pop into my Hoselink with the the connector that comes with it. Watering has been much more pleasant with my new Hoselink with this long-wand spray wand. A must have for sure!

Long-reach Shower Spray Wand

I really helps for those hard tp reach areas. I enjoy all my hoselinks products.

Donna Baker
Less Work

I purchased the Long-Reach Shower Spray Wand when I realized I wanted to put up hanging flower baskets on the eaves of my house. I debated doing this because I thought it would create a lot of work to keep the baskets watered sufficiently through the summer, i.e., lifting a hose up there, or taking the baskets down every time I needed to water. I had recently bought a 50 ft Hose Link hose reel (which I love) and discovered they also offer the easy to attach watering wand. I absolutely love it! I can reach up to the baskets with ease every time I need to water while standing on the sidewalk. The soft spray doesn't blow my plants out of the planter, yet the water stream is more than sufficient to quickly water the entire 14 inch baskets. Thank you Hoselink for making such great, quality products.

Tyler Morrish


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