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Ultimate Garden-lovers Holiday Gift Guide

Ashley van Raad

Retractable Garden Hose Reel

Above all else, the gift that’ll really knock the socks off your friends and loved ones is the Hoselink Retractable Hose Reel. The award-winning, innovative Hoselink Retractable Hose Reel is available in both 82ft and 50ft sizes, with two colors, Warm Gray and Charcoal, both available. The gardening gurus in your family will have their dreams come true as the Retractable Hose Reel comes complete with: 

  • Comfort 8-Pattern Flow Control Spray Nozzle 
  • 6.5ft leader hose 
  • Set of Hoselink Quick-connect Garden Hose Fittings 
  • Wall Bracket and installation hardware 

With its stop-anywhere locking mechanism and automatic rewind feature, the Retractable Hose Reel can be pulled out and secured at any length, allowing you to water with ease and change direction without a fuss. Once you’re finished, simply give it a tug and the hose will wind itself back into its home nice and neatly... Your garden lover won’t have to put up with the annoying kinks and tangles of a standard garden hose again! Not only that, but the Retractable Hose Reel is guaranteed to complement the look of your home with its slick, compact design, and with both light and dark color options, can sit elegantly against any backdrop. This one’s guaranteed to turn heads when you’re gathered around the Christmas tree! 

To accompany the reel, there are a few handy extras that will serve as the ideal stocking stuffers. Try a handy padlock which can be connected on the underside of the wall bracket. The padlock secures the hose reel to the bracket keeping it safe from thieves. If you’re after a stylish and practical addition, opt for one of Hoselink’s three Hose Reel covers available in classic white, Natural Fern and Florida Palms. With a snug fit, the Hose Reel Covers have been specifically designed to create a sophisticated look for your Retractable Hose Reel that protects it from sun damage, scratches and scuff marks. Considering the exposure to nature’s elements it receives sitting outdoors, a Hose Reel Cover will go a long way to prolonging the life of the reel’s outer casing.  

Solar Jar Light

An exciting new addition to Hoselink's Solar Light Collection in the USA is the Solar Crackle Jar Light! With the ability to be placed on a surface or used as a pendant light, it is bound to make your outdoor space even more beautiful. This solar light emits a warm white glow from the cluster of fairy lights and will automatically switch on at dusk. This light will be the perfect gift to make someone smile this Christmas. 

solar crackle jar lights with presents at Christmas time


Stand-up Weed Puller

Come next Spring and Summer, they’ll be sending you another thank you card for this gift! Hoselink’s Stand-up Weed Puller is an absolute lifesaver and completely transforms the way you remove weeds from your garden. For so long we’ve had to get on all fours and pull them out with our hands. You have probably dreamed of an easier way to get your weeding done and this tool is the answer! 

The easy-grip handle and ergonomic structure completely removes the need for bending down and kneeling to remove your weeds, as you can effortlessly pull up the entire weed from the root every time by simply spiking the weed, stepping on the foot press and releasing using its built-in ejection system. The stainless steel claws dig deep into the soil and clench the root from all directions, meaning you won’t have to worry about the weed growing back. With its light weight (just 2lb!) it can easily be carried from spot to spot without tiring you. 

We know it’s an annoying chore that most gardeners would prefer to leave to someone else, but with the Stand-up Weed Puller, even the kids will be asking to try it out! 

Stand Up Weed Puller

Premium Metal Oscillating Sprinkler

Maybe you’re buying a gift for the more traditional gardener? In which case, Hoselink’s Premium Metal Oscillating Sprinkler is a fantastic option, set to come in extremely handy when Spring and Summer roll around. 

Custom designed for watering larger lawns and outdoor spaces with its adjustable watering range controls built-in, this sprinkler does the job just as well with low water pressure and can be used in tandem with the Retractable Garden Hose Reel.  

The Oscillating Sprinkler has a wide variety of self-adjustable spray controls that allow the user to tailor the sprinkler’s watering style to a garden of any shape or size. That means you can water in awkward corners and edges, hard to reach spots or your entire lawn. Did we mention that it can cover an area of up to 50ft x 40ft!? 

The sprinkler also has the ability to support itself! What do you mean by that we hear you say... Well, with its robust metal body, you can rely on the Oscillating Sprinkler to stabilise and stay level even with the strongest spray pattern and highest water pressure, meaning it won’t shake or tip over as you water. It’s even got a built-in cleaner and mesh filter that protects it from dirt and debris that could clog its interior.  


Warm White Solar Party Lights 

An exciting new addition to Hoselink this year: Solar Lights! Starting with our personal favorites, the Warm White Solar Party Lights. These are excellent for when the entertaining season rolls around and you're spending more time outdoors with guests and loved ones. The Solar Party Lights emit a beautiful warm white ambience, making them ideal for any outdoor space or yard. Fitted with a re-chargable solar panel, you'll never have to worry about running out of power! But, if you are worried about the panel not getting enough sun, it can also be charged with a micro USB port. These lights are sure to be a favorite gift this Holiday season! 

Warm white solar party lights on fence

Long-reach Shower Spray Wand

We all know someone with an extravagant garden, whether it’s hanging pots or plants that grow far above our heads, it’s no secret that these plant lovers water a little differently than we do. The perfect gift awaits... 

Hoselink’s premium hand-held watering device, the Long-reach Shower Wand makes easy work of watering in uncomfortable, hard-to-reach spots. With its 28” body, the Long-reach Shower Wand allows you to point and direct the water flow to exactly where it is needed. For so long gardeners have had to reach or awkwardly lean to water the flora that sits in the further most points of their garden, even resorting to buckets or relying on rain because they aren’t able to reach with their hose...But Hoselink has you covered. 

The sturdy metal showerhead offers a beautifully soft spray that’s gentle on all leaves and flowers, and thanks to its light weight and rubber handle, sits so comfortably in the hand that it can be manoeuvred between watering positions with barely any effort. The on/off flow control lever also allows you to have complete control over the strength and timing of each spray. It really is the ultimate watering accessory and would look good under any Christmas tree! 


Long-Reach Shower Wand

Root Waterer & Soil Breaker

Sticking on the theme of accessories, we’ve got you covered for above ground watering, but what about below ground? Hoselink’s Root Waterer & Soil Breaker proves a great gift for the genuine green thumbs in your life. 

As an environmentally friendly way to water shrubs and trees, the tool works by delivering water directly to the roots of your plants, which is done after being inserted into the soil. As the rod is being inserted underground, the trigger is pressed to release water, softening the surrounding soil and allowing the pole to push deeper and send water directly to deep roots, where it's needed. 

An additional benefit of the Root Waterer & Soil Breaker is that by watering the roots of plants, you don’t run the risk of wasting water through evaporation that would otherwise occur if water was to sit on top of the soil on a warm day. It doesn’t end there! The tool can also be used as a method of breaking up hard, congested soil, which can make uprooting and removing older plants much simpler.  

Root Waterer & Soil Breaker


The ideal stocking stuffer if you ask us! A quality pair of Secateurs makes all the difference in any garden, and for very good reason! Gardeners far and wide regularly use these to trim small branches and harvest vegetables, removing dead leaves and unwanted foliage. Constructed from Japanese steel, Hoselink’s Secateurs are high quality and extra sharp to ensure a clean and easy cut, which also has long-term health benefits for the plant. 

Small in size but packed with power, Hoselink Secateurs make light work of branches and woody stems, and make it easy to take care of flowers and shrubs. 

Featuring a soft cushion grip and ergonomically designed handle, these Secateurs ensure you won’t have to endure hand cramps or strains and with green and pink options available you’ve got the choice of choosing a colour perfectly suited to the gardener in your life. 

Weeper Hose

For the gardener who likes to do things a little differently, Hoselink's 50ft Weeper Hose serves as a fantastic, hands free, work free, stress-free way to water that involves almost no manual work after set-up! 

The Weeper Hose makes watering a breeze by slowly seeping water directly into the soil, nice and close to the plant’s roots, through tiny holes that run along its body. This hose can be used across lawns, garden beds, or edgings, layed out in a straight line or gentle curves and even used above or below mulch. The versatility is fantastic!  Once connected to a Hoselink-fitted hose, the Weeper Hose begins to swell and lets water weep through the outer casing. 

If you know a water-conscious gardener who would appreciate an efficient and fuss-free way to water their flowers or vegetable garden, then Hoselink’s Weeper Hose is a great option this Christmas.  

Weeper Hose

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