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  • Stand-up Weed Puller

    Stand-up Weed Puller

    The ultimate weeder! Remove weeds without bending or kneeling

    Item: US6581N

    4.72/5 from 173 reviews

  • Green 6 Gallon Heavy Duty Planter Bag on a white background

    Heavy Duty Planter Bag - 3 Sizes Available

    Heavy duty with strong handles. Available in 3 sizes: 6gal, 12gal, 26gal

    Item: US6680-25GC

    5.0/5 from 10 reviews

  • Pink Secateurs 225mm

    Heavy Duty Pink Secateurs 8"

    High quality, heavy duty. And they're pink!

    Item: US6553

    5.0/5 from 7 reviews

  • Heavy Duty Green Secateurs 8"

    Heavy Duty Green Secateurs 8"

    High quality, heavy duty pruners

    Item: US6554

    5.0/5 from 7 reviews

  • Premium Metal Oscillating Sprinkler

    Premium Metal Oscillating Sprinkler

    Perfect for large rectangular areas

    Item: US5642-WG

    4.84/5 from 63 reviews

  • Metal 9-Pattern Sprinkler

    Metal 9-Pattern Sprinkler

    Durable and versatile to suit any shaped area.

    Item: US5640

    4.96/5 from 47 reviews

  • Long-reach Shower Spray Wand

    Long-reach Shower Spray Wand

    Extra length to reach hanging baskets with ease.

    Item: US5556

    4.89/5 from 56 reviews

  • soaker hose on white background

    50ft Soaker Hose

    Even watering for long garden & lawn spaces

    Item: US4853

    5.0/5 from 21 reviews

    Was $40.00
    Save 12.5%
  • 50ft Weeper Hose with Male Hose Connector on white background

    50ft Weeper Hose

    Ideal for watering large garden beds

    Item: US4848

    5.0/5 from 27 reviews

  • Root Waterer & Soil Breaker

    Root Waterer & Soil Breaker

    Great for trees, large shrubs and deep potted plants.

    Item: US5532

    4.69/5 from 39 reviews

  • Classic Round Sprinkler

    Classic Round Sprinkler

    Make watering quick, easy and hassle-free!

    Item: US5638-WG

    4.93/5 from 71 reviews

  • Low Pressure Wobble Sprinkler

    Low Pressure Wobble Sprinkler

    Water up to 400sqf even with low pressure!

    Item: US5639-WG

    4.82/5 from 11 reviews