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Hose Reel Cover - Classic

Protect your Hose Reel and prolong its life

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The Classic Hose Reel Cover is made from UV-stabilized fabric specially designed to fit your Hoselink Retractable Garden Hose Reel and protect it from the elements.

Available for both 50ft and 82ft Hose Reel models, select the correct size from the drop down list above.

With a snug fit, our Hose Reel Covers have been specially designed to create a smart look for your Retractable Garden Hose Reel that helps to prevent scratches and scuffs.

If your Reel is positioned in strong sunlight all day, a Hose Reel Cover can help to protect and prolong the life of the outer reel casing.

In some instances, wasps nest in the screw holes, creating unsightly rust-looking discharge. Our Reels are fitted with stainless steel screws, so rest assured, it is not rust. The cover will stop the critters from creating a home in your Reel - problem solved!

  • Protect your Hose Reel case from strong daily sun
  • Prevent wasps from nesting in the screw holes

This item is the cover only and does not include a Retractable Garden Hose Reel.

The Cover comes with a 12-month warranty.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 120 reviews
Joshua Nelson
Not worth it

Flimsy and while the fit is good. All it does is change the color/appearance. It’s not going to protect the hoselink from any sort of weather.

Thanks for your review. While the cover does not protect from all of mother nature's events, it sure does keep the hose reel clean and pretty :)

William Bonnell

I have purchased a total of five 82’ hose reels. After purchasing the first one, realizing with such great ease my watering chores had become, I had to replace all my house at my city house. And then my home in the Desert. My sister came to vist from New England and was as impressed as well. By the time she had returned home from her vist, I ordered one for her home. When I went back to vist months later, I saw that she also purchased another for her backyard needs. Very happy with the ease and quality of your products and continue to recommend.

Wow - thanks for the support! Hoselinks for the whole family! Happy watering :)

Thomas C.
No regrets…

Have three Hoselink reels and covers now. Continue to be very satisfied.

David W
Good unit, but wish it could retract with pressure on.

No problems with ordering, shipping, installation. We did buy the cover to possibly help prolong lifetime of unit as ours are in sun at least 50% of the daytime. No issue with water pressure loss (we are on a well). My only "complaint" is the requirement to turn pressure off and release pressure in hose prior to retracting. It is an extra step I wish I could avoid. Otherwise, nice unit and hope they last a long time.

Thanks for your review. I do understand your small complaint and will certainly pass it onto the product team. Happy watering!

Israel Pagan
Best Hose that I Chose

Customer Service (both over the phone and on-line) - Excellent. The standard for the industry to follow.

Product - Simply top notch. I can't wait for my other two hoses to die so I can replace them with Hoselink.

Bottomline: As a customer....I'm hooked!

Thanks for the review. We are glad our team could help you out in whatever way was needed! Happy watering :)

Hose Reel Cover - Classic

Good quality...Fit perfectly...protects well ...and goes well with color scheme of our home...liked it so much ordered for one for each Hoselink purchased

Thanks for the review and photo! Looks amazing!

Terry Stiffy

After purchasing the Hoselink and mounting it using the no fail instructions .Turned on the water and pulled smoothly on the hose and walked it out till I reached the length I wanted and with a slight tug proceeded to walk it back to the reel with no problems.You won’t be disappointed with this HOSELINK Reel .A side note the Quick Disconnects worked flawless. After mounted it and using it I then ordered 2 Mounting units and more Quick Disconnects. What a great product.

Thanks for your review! Sounds like you've got it down, a simple tug is all it takes for the hose to be neatly stored. Who can be mad about that! Enjoy :)

Marc Giuffrida
82" hose reel

One of the greatest purchases I've ever made for my house.

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